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MyBella wrote:
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Oh Lynn,

What a great photograph of your girls, each in their own world while enjoying their treat.....yet side by side, sharing a special moment together....

I also enjoyed the photo of your Yorkie, is her name Lil Bit...seems perfect.....

Thank you so much for your beautiful comments about Norm's painting, I really appreciate you taking the time to write to us. I'm glad you enjoyed the e-card, I hope it brought a bit of warmth to your heart.

Wishing you peace and healing, may the soft paws of your gentle giant Tankie embrace your heart with such love.

Your friend, Don

Good morning! Thanks for the visit and your astute observations about my girls! Yep that was them singular yet joined at the hip. My girlfriends💞 ‘lil bit’ would have fit my lil yorkie as would a lot of other names! But she was such a toughie I named her after Bogart in the song ‘Key Largo’ somewhere the spelling became Boggie😜
Hope your weekend is wonderful filled with warm fuzzies sent with Ms Bella
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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