My husband and i found out a month ago that our Kirby, 9 yr old boxer mix boy, was puking so much because of this. Since surgery and/or chemotherapy weren't options, we made him as comfortable as possible.
We were giving him Pepcid AC every morning, and tramadol as needed. this past weekend, Kirby couldn't keep any food down. so, yesterday my husband and I decided instead of taking a chance for another week, we assisted him to Rainbow Bridge.

He was freaking out because there were more people in the room than he's used to and the vet people were trying to get him to lay down, which he didn't want to do. it was too much for me. I really wanted to have him go to Rainbow Bridge at home. I just couldn't find anyone fast enough.

I know he is pain free, but I feel like i made the wrong decision or made the right decision too soon.
My pets are my furry children. There is no other way to think of a cat or dog that is well loved and treated, in my family.
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I'm sorry for your loss. Our dog had gastrointestinal cancer too. We put him to peace yesterday. Once they stop eating they are essentially starving to death. You made the right decision. You did what you did because you loved your dog and didn't want to see him suffer and your dog knows this.
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