This afternoon, I had to take Rocky (chihuahua) to the emergency vet. I took him out on the front porch after checking it thoroughly for bugs or anything he could put in his mouth. At almost 8 months old, he's like a toddler...everything goes in his mouth!

It was breezy out and an acorn blew from the tree to the porch. Guess who found it?! I saw him busy with something, and then I saw the acorn. He had cracked it open and half the nut was missing. I took him immediately to the EV and they made him throw up. They saw the food he had eaten a couple of hours before, but didn't see any acorn. I looked all over for the other half of the acorn and couldn't find it. I would rather be safe than sorry so I took him in.

He's fine...came home hungry! I just wanted everyone to know that acorns are deadly, and they are falling everywhere now. Watch your pets! Rocky has never been out in my yard because of acorns....the only place I take him outside at home is my big front porch...and I always check it first. Now I'm having second thoughts of taking him on the porch!


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I had no idea and they are all over my yard.  Thank you so much.  My new baby Pippin (12 weeks) puts everything in his mouth. 
Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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