We put our dogs down 2 in3 weeks I am so devastated. Miss them so much I can't sleep
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  Please know that everyone here will support you in any way possible.  We are all hurting and know exactly how you feel.  That is a lot of loss in a very short time.  I really know you must be devastated. Sending you good  wishes.  This is a good place to talk to people who understand.  Take care
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We are right there with you. Our 6 yr old died 2 days ago after a valiant fight with AIHA. We also have an 11 yr old, who is blind and can't walk due to diabetes. We know he is on borrowed time and within a week he will have to be put down. To grieve for one is so hard but two is exceptionally heartbreaking, like having your whole family gone in a few short days. How can we live through this grief? My thoughts and prayers are seriously with you.
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I adopted 3 adult Pekingese from a breeder who didn’t’ take the best care of them earlier in their life & after 4 years all of them died within the past year.  there are many of us who have felt the same as what you are now going through so just remember that It is normal to experience these emotions.

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