I lost my beloved 19 year old kitty, BooBoo, on Wednesday. My mom always told me since BooBoo was a kitten that he had a great sense of humor... He really did.

I dated this guy who ended up being a jerk. I brought him into meet BooBoo, and BooBoo wanted no part of it. BooBoo got up and went over to him and started to scratch the top of this man's shoes with his paws/claws. (I knew right there where this guy stood in BooBoo's eyes).

BooBoo also had a thing for my "pink pants." BooBoo had this behavior that he would go up into my bedroom and take a piece of my clothing (he only did this to my clothing). He would take the piece of clothing in his mouth making a funny noise and bring it down the stairs and drag it around for a few minutes. He has brought down my shirts, pants, socks, jackets, (embarrassingly my underpants/bra), and my pink pants.

My fiancé bought me these really bright pink, light weight, sweat pants. The are my comfy pants.... Well, BooBoo loved them. Everyday, I would come home to my pink pants in the living room, kitchen, or hallway. My mom would jokenly say, "well, he's got your pink pants, agaiN.

I love you so much BooBoo. Mommy misses you so much.

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Wow he certainly is a gorgeous furry cat.
October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
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So funny :-) I laughed reading your stories of booboo stealing your clothes.

One thing Wiz and Angie used to do was to open my dresser drawers and pull things out so they could go in to sleep. Angie used to jump up into the kitchen cabinets to explore them. Syb will actually go into the fridge if you let her. They also used to open my studio door when I was in there working on something and didn't let them in, nothing was going to stop them from being with mom. I'm not sure how they did that because they were very small kitties, only 8-9lbs.  Once I found Angie and Syb on the hanger rail in my closet just sitting there and on the shelves another time. They were very young then.

Mitzi, my dog, knew she could get to the garbage in time  to get some goodies if you were either in the bathroom or running the vacuum. Mitzi, Syb and Byron all used to drink from the toilet bowel occasionally if it was left open. 

Angie use to love to climb the christmas tree when she was a kitten and then she would sit there growling at you if you tried to get her out. She used to run around the tv room, climbing on the tops of couches, shelves and the tv at night. One night she did this and I called her angie the loonie that time when Byron looked at me like she was crazy. My first cat Sheba, also an part siamese black cat like Wiz, for some reason I haven't mentioned her here yet maybe, also used to climb the tree and she knocked it over one year.  Mitizi used to drink the water out of the tree dish.
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