I was just thinking about my babies, Marcello and Mariella, who we lost a week ago. They were older (16) and had thyroid, but it was just so unexpected and we had no time to prepare. Today, I was thinking about their funny and endearing personalities.

They knew how to open the fridge, so I always had to put a big butcher block in front of it. Marty would plop himself down anywhere and anytime to clean himself, basically looking like a big feline Buddha. They both had a habit of sitting on my textbooks whenever I was studying, so I’d have to move them anytime I wanted to turn the page. Mari would wrestle with her brother, even though he was twice her size.

I haven’t cooked since we lost them and I love to cook. I think it’s because I’m so used to them trying to steal from my cutting board and even right from the pot, which they’d never try with my husband. They knew that I was the sucker. I would constantly have to watch them to make sure they didn’t leap onto the stove or eat something that wasn’t good for them. I pretended to be exasperated, but I could never stay mad at them. Now, all the joy from that activity is gone.

These are the things that I miss. I miss their presence so much.
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Oh they are orange cats! Thank you for sharing those adorable and funny photos. The one of them in the fridge, I have never seen a cat, let alone 2 cats do that before, so funny. Yes, it is so interesting how humorous and entertaining cats can be, if given the chance to be themselves. It really does seem like they enjoy making us smile and laugh.

I hope that Marcello and Mariella have joined the "Orange Cats Club" over at the Rainbow Bridge. There are so many beloved orange cats there now. The orange ones are so sweet, silly, kind and loving it seems. I so miss my orange cat Marmalade.

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Thanks so much. I love cats (and dogs), but have a soft spot for orange tabbies. I’m sure you must miss your buddy. I’d like to think of them all together up there wreaking havoc!

Yes, we left for a day trip one day and came home to find that they opened the fridge and ate an entire rotisserie chicken. They pretty much pulled everything out and decimated whatever they wanted and left anything that wasn’t interesting. Thank god there was nothing toxic in the fridge that day. It was a mess like you wouldn’t believe.

After that, I caught them on their backs together picking at the underside of the fridge to get it open! That’s how they did it. That’s the pic below, since I thought it was so funny that I had to capture it. We pulled them out again before they could make another disaster lol. So, we had to put our big butcher block against the fridge to make sure they couldn’t break in. I’m still doing that, although I just realized I have no reason to...just another heart wrenching moment. But, I can still smile about the memory, which is a good thing.

Ps. We used to joke that when Marty rolled on his back with his paws crossed, which he did quite often, that it was his “sexy cat” pose.
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