My 4 year old son Francesco is starting to talk more about Puki after losing him. At first, he created an imaginary dog family that had passed away, not accepting I guess that Puki was gone. After about two weeks he started commenting on how he missed Puki. Well now it has been a month and Puki comes up about 3 to 4 times a day again. And yesterday we were at the park and we spotted a dragonfly that we concluded was Puki. He spent an hour making a home or nest as he called it, which included food and water. After he completed it under the slide he said "now Puki has food, water and a place to sleep". After we left he said "oh no we have to go back as I forgot to put lunch and dinner for Puki". I said "no need to worry as Puki has plenty of food". When he awoke this morning he asked "can we go to the park and see if Puki is sleeping in his nest"? I said " I am sure he is already up and flying around". He told us at dinner tonight that "he wants Puki the dog back, so that he can pet his fur again". I nearly bursted into tears as these words came from such a young and innocent child. I realized I was not the only one suffering, my child was suffering as well he just took longer to express it. I think maybe it wasn't a good idea to tell him Puki came back as a dragonfly, because now he ponders over when he will see dragonfly Puki again. We miss him so much!

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