My darling Rita,
I cannot believe four years have passed since you made your journey to the Bridge.  The time has gone so quickly but that day never leaves my mind.  It was such a shock because it was totally unexpected.  You were not even sick!  I guess your heart gave out and it was your time.  I remember months of depression that I had lost my best friend.  As time went on I realized you were still very much with me.  I feel your spirit around me all the time.  A lot has changed even since last year.  I retired completely in May and although it's been an adjustment I now have time to do what I really want.  I've been spending a lot of time at the cat rescue.  I have gotten to know most of the cats (around 40 or so).  Some of their stories are so heartwrenching but one thing I've learned is that eventually with a lot of love they learn to trust humans again.  It brings me great joy when a cat who has been there for years finally finds their forever home.  It makes me realize how lucky you were to never have had to be in a rescue or shelter.  We adopted you right from your mom.
Sage has grown so much and enjoys her screened in porch, just like you did.  She is very much like you in so many ways except she is not much of a cuddler in bed.  You were glued to me all night and in true cat fashion she joins me on her terms!
I hope you have made a lot of friends at the Bridge and are back to being a healthy cat.  I know you are waiting for me and I know when it's my time we will be reunited. 
I think about you and miss you every day!
Love and kisses, 
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I’m sorry for your loss. Even though it’s been 4 years we never forget the love and special bond shared with our beautiful fur babies! Rita must be very proud of her mom for working at a shelter and helping other cats who were less fortunate!! Hugs to you on this 4th Anniversary! I think Rita is playing with all of her new friends and waiting for the time when you are reunited.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, you are an amazing person and your baby was so blessed to have you as a parent. Thank you for working at the shelter, your baby is looking down from the bridge and is so proud of you. Sending you healing vibes and hugs your way, peace be with you .
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A beautiful letter to Rita.  It is great that you are working at the shelter and can give some love to those cats who haven't found a forever home yet.  I hope that Rita is playing with my fur baby Lenny.  I know there is sunshine, peace and no suffering at the Bridge and it is a beautiful place.
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