I was referred to this site by a friend and based on the posts I have read I can see that everyone has similar situations. Everyone has a loss...

My loving Ruby is nine and a half years old and she passed away last night. Wow, I still can't believe I am saying that. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was weak over the past week and we were planning to bring her to the vet this morning. And then I left the house yesterday for some last minute Christmas shopping....

She was wagging her tale and looking at me with that look of love that she always did as I said goodbye to her. My mother had come over to stay with her as she usually does because they have a close relationship and bond. I got home around 11 and when I walked into my house I had known something was wrong right away. She was laying in her crate, her eyes closed, and I knew. And I was terrified. And the waterworks came soon after. As I sat and looked at her, tears in my eyes, my mother explained to me that while I was gone it happened and she did not want to do anything until I returned. 
A part of me is gone. A part of me is missing. A part I know I will never be able to get back. My heart breaks a little more knowing I'll never be able to see those eyes staring back at me again. I remember the day I picked Ruby up as if it were yesterday. She was the tiniest puppy I had ever seen and she helped heal my family and I. After losing a sibling my whole world was a mess and she always put a smile on all of our faces. She always cuddled with you and she could sense when you were upset. She was there for me through heartbreak, breakups, and losing multiple people in my life. Always waiting by the door to run up and attack me with kisses and love. 

I'm not sure how I am going to get through the days especially with the holidays approaching. Everywhere I go I see her toys and her bed. I expect to turn the corner and her be waiting for me. I could not sleep at all last night and am scared to tonight because she always slept with us. Her warmth and the love she gave me is something no human could ever be able to match. No matter how much someone may try, Ruby loved me unconditionally and that is by far the hardest part of all this. I still cannot wrap my head around that she is gone..I'll love you forever my Angel.


Rachael (Ruby's mom)

"Pawprints left by you.. you no longer greet me, As I walk through the door. You're not there to make me smile, To make me laugh anymore. Life seems quiet without you, You were far more than a pet. You were a family member, a friend, a loving soul I'll never forget. It will take time to heal- for the silence to go away. I still listen for you, And miss you every day. You were such a great companion, constant, loyal and true. My heart will always wear, the pawprints left by you"

(Ruby's mom)
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I'm so sorry about Ruby. I'm not very eloquent tonight, but I do wish you a hug, and know you're not alone. Ruby has such a sweet little face, what a love!

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I'm so sorry for your loss, I wish I could tell you it will get easier but everyone grieves differently. I loss my puppy on a terrible accident, he got run over by a car that was on September 14 of this year I still miss him and I still cry for him. Cry as hard as you can, grieve as long as you want. Our fur babies means a lot to us their deaths no matter how old how young how tragic leaves a big hole in our hearts. I wish all the best and I hope you find some peace even if it just help you get thru the holidays.
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Dear Rachael,
Firstly...what a beautiful, sweet little face your Ruby has.  She is just gorgeous.  I can see exactly how you fell in love with her at first sight. Her eyes could melt the coldest heart.

I am so sorry that you too are going through this overwhelming heartache now that your sweet Ruby is at Rainbow Bridge.  I know the pain that you are feeling ... like your heart has been torn in two and you just can not imagine your life without Ruby in it.  I am living it too after saying goodbye to my sweet beagle, Bella, nearly 9 months ago.

No words that I can say will take away your pain, but I just want to remind you why you are feeling so distraught.  You feel this way because you know that you were privileged to be chosen to be Ruby's Mommy/Mummy.  She blessed your life and gave you more than you could ever have imagined.  The bond that developed between the two of you goes beyond words.  Unfortunately, this is the price we pay for that bond...that love....that devotion.  As hard as it is to cope with, it is a price that I willingly pay because I know that I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams.  I know that you feel the same way.  We would not give up one second of the time we spend with our dear, sweet girls, even it it meant that we could take away this pain.  

Hold your memories of Ruby in your heart.  They are yours to keep...no-one can take those away.  When times get tough, and they will, try to focus on the deep feelings of gratitude that you have for her.  That is what has helped me get through the toughest days (and nights) during the last 9 months.

I wish you peace and healing.  I hope that soon you can remember sweet Ruby with more smiles than tears and even though your heart will be heavy this Christmas, take time to remember the past Christmas' that you spent with Ruby and feel the love for her in your heart.  That love will always be there.
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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