She hadent been acting her self for the last two days and rather than bugging her I let her be went to sleep and woke up to find her like that I don't know how old she was she was a rescue but I blame myself I should have been awake been there to comfort her instead of sleeping I had Been up with her half the Morning and looked like she was gonna go to sleep so I layed down I don't know What to do no one understands when I loose a pet I take it very hard. I'm lost I don't know What to do with myself I hate myself I just want her back my world has been torn apart. She was such a good girl didn't deserve it And looked like she didn't go out peacefully and that makes it even harder I just don't want to be around any more
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Please don't be too hard on yourself.  The smaller an animal is, the more likely it is to hide that it's sick.

I've had hamsters for a lot of years and although I just lost my kitty and I'm pretty broken up, I know my hammies are waiting for me too.  My little critters were important to me and I took their deaths hard even though nobody understood.

We're here for you.  She wasn't just a 'pocket pet'---she was your friend.  Talk it out, please.

"The fatal metaphor of progress, which means leaving things behind us, has utterly obscured the real idea of growth, which means leaving things inside us."   Gilbert K. Chesterton 
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