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I also found my cat, who passed away suddenly. I woke and found her dead. I also had at least a sweek where I couldn’t sleep without seeing her body. All I can tell you is that it will get easier with time. The images will begin to fade. I had a ton of guilt with her passing as well. I ignored warning signs and convinced myself that I didn’t see what I now know was a seizure. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say. We can only do our best for our pets. None of us are “perfect” pet owners, and many of us feel guilt associated with their passing. I resented my cat when I first got her, because she was a stray and extremely skittish. She had some behavioral issues, and at one point, I almost put her outside to not have to deal with her anymore. We sometimes have mental breakdowns. I’m sure Cody knew he was loved. And his behavioral issues may have been due to advanced age and his ailments. Please do not blame yourself. I know that my skittish kitty would not have done well on daily meds (I couldn’t pick her up without her hissing and panicking), but I still feel guilty for not taking her in to see what was wrong with the one seizure I caught the tail end of (convinced myself she had seen a cat outside the window and was freaking out about that). I know I would have struggled to give her meds in time had I gone that route. We just do the best we can for them.
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I feel guilty for not giving Raven here azodyl and pepcid towards the last because it stressed her out even more and it was crushing her spirit to be held down and force-fed like that. But I just couldn't stand seeing her run and hide from me. I wanted our last weeks together to be as happy as possible. Like Derynie says none of us are perfect and we can only do our best 🐱
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