Thank you all for your replies to my fostering question.  I am so distracted these days, I forgot to mention I don't have a car anymore.  I have to depend on my daughter to drive me places. If you Foster you need a car in case the animal needs to see the vet in a hurry and I can't depend on my daughter to rush me there anytime of the day. Sorry I forgot that. As for a Senior dog, I think I would REALLY need a car. Don't get me wrong please, I would love to Foster kitties a dog, or a senior. The car issue has me worried though. Any Suggestions on that?

I was just thinking of my favorite picture of Winston. I still can't look at it. It was taken when he was boarded at a good kennel at my vets.  I went to visit my girlfriend in CT. I was gone about 3 days. When I got home, his poor bark was very hoarse. He must have barked the whole 3 days!! Of course I feel guilty as hell over this sill as I did at the time.  Which was the last time I boarded him. Someday I will try to post that picture.  He was sooooooo darn cute. I always treasured that pic.  I will have it blown up, when i can bear it, and hang it in my living room, along with the poem, and other things. Love n Miss you Baby Boy   Mommy XOXOXO I cry just thinking about that pic Winston
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