Please let's get along. This forum belongs to YOU. To all who come here and need a safe place. If there is ugliness in any way I will remove you.
Respect the Forum and respect others here. Everyone that replies here to a post does so from their heart. They know your loss.They reach and help. No one should ever attack anyone.
If you are not using the board correctly and someone suggest to you a correct way please do not be offended. Be respectful and try to learn.
We here at Rainbow Bridge are a family. Everyone on this forum is quick to help and reach out to those grieving.

Please stop the bickering and arguing. There is too much hate in the world and I do not ever want it here or in our chatrooms.
I do monitor the Forum. I was sincerely hoping this problem would settle itself.

Know that you all are loved and not alone.
God Bless
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Lovely words Ginny so true . Wee are all grieving here x thank you for your forum its helping me & Av spoke to some lovely caring people , am still trying to find my way using the forum the right way . Annemarie
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Thank you so very much Ginny. And thank you more than I can possibly express for your web site and your pet loss forum. 

I have never personally seen any bickering or arguing here at the forum in the 6 very regular months of visiting I've been doing and greatly benefitting from. I am very sorry and saddened to learn of bickering/arguing, and that some have inadvertantly, I am sure, upset others. 

All of us come here with tremendous sadness and grief.  The feelings of the unbearable burden of losing our beloved pet . . . their important story, their pain, our loss and pain, . . .
Why argue and bicker about anything here??  REALLY. WHY? 

I have posted and been replied to 100's of times by wonderful people all over the world. There is so much love, understanding, compassion, sincere desires to help here. I have never seen anything so wonderful and so helpful in my entire life. 

This is the most wonderful web site in the world to me since April when I lost my special dog. I cannot imagine trying to process her diseases, her death, my loss, my need to step up to realities and end her pain --- if this very special forum was not here to console me, help me, answer my questions, understand me, etc., etc., etc.

If someone inadvertantly said something you don't understand or agree with.  Please just let it go. They and all of us are here for bereavement, consoling reasons.  Just let it go. Just let it go. Please. If it offended you or upset you, just let it go, and move on to the many 100's of others here who are hugging you tightly from long distances, listening intently to all of your words on your loss, offering their best advice and thoughts, and much much much more. 

I am very sorry for everyone's loss here. I SINCERELY WISH NONE OF US WERE HERE. But thank goodness or thank God we have this special forum to reach out to and help each other with.

Tashas Dad
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Perfectly stated Tashas Dad. I completely agree. Everyone here is so understanding. 
And thank so much Ginny for this forum! Kasey
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I agree... This site has been nothing but a good experience for me. Everyone has been so caring and nice. And everyone Going through heartache. I can't imagine how you could ever find anything to bicker about while talking about beloved lost pets/babies 😓. Thank you for this site. Cindy
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Amen to that. I hope everyone here finds the peace and healing they need at this time 🐱
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I think we all were led to this site to find the comfort , hope ,compassion and true understanding about the loss of a precious loved one that even other family and friends  don't truly understand just how deeply the pain and hurt can go, as some famous words go such as its just a dog or cat or go get another one that will make you feel better or also go out and have some fun that will make you forget or also just get over it  ,well for me I'm not sure that if I would not have found this site and got the comfort and support from really true friends and others that know my heart break and pain that I would have made it through after my littleguy passed .and with the pain all are feeling upon coming to this site already please there is no room for bickering over different thoughts or opinions as too much pain is already there in the first place  and this is a place were I think we all have found some peace and comfort and true friends .hugs to all of you

littleguys mom
pamela meadows
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