I've never posted on here but I'm so hurt and feel so lost without my Oso and Snoopy... and I feel the need to share their story. Little Snoopy and Oso were brothers and they came into my life on November 15th of the year 2000. I was only 11 years old but I immediately fell in love with them. I was the happiest kid in the world and we immediately formed an unbreakable bond. When my little Snoopy was a couple months old he became sick and my mom took him to the vet. Long story short, the vet told my mom not to get to attached to Snoopy because he had a cleft lip and would not exceed 2 years of life. I remember feeling so sad because he was the little runt of the pups that Tammy (their mom) gave us. As time went by I got older and so did Oso and Snoopy. I went through middle school and high school and there was Oso and Snoopy by my side every step of the way. As many teens, I went through depression while In school. I had self esteem problems and it got so bad that I contemplated ending my life. But Oso and Snoopy reminded me that they were there for me. That they loved me for who I was, period. They saved me from my depression by showing me that unconditional love that only man's best friend can offer. A couple years later we found our selves being evicted from our home, and that is something that again depressed me because of all the memories there. But we packed our stuff and there was Snoopy and Oso coming with. So going through all those tough moments that life throws at you with my little sidekicks made it a little less hard. In the end it was all materialistic. But what I am going through now, is eating me on the inside. It's like when you scream at the top of your lungs and nobody hears you, or doesn't care. I worked only for Oso and Snoopy because I would take them to the vet for everything and anything as long as I could afford it. But as they aged, they began to lose their sight, they began to walk slowly, not follow me around the house like they used to, and that hurt me so much because they were not the same Oso and Snoopy that once would run like the wind. When my Snoopy passed on 2/22/2016 I could not believe it. I refused to believe it. It's almost as if you believe the silly idea that they will always be by your side. I am so hurt by this loss, but I still had my Oso. Now that my Oso parted for the bridge on 3/31/2016 at the ripe old age of 15 years, 4 months, 16 days, I feel so lonely. I do not know how to live without them, but life is making me go through this whether I like it or not.These beautiful maltese dogs were the love of my life. They are a part of my childhood, teenage and adult years. I miss them so much that I remember praying to God to take years from my life and giving it to them. I know it sounds silly but I am so depressed right now. Before bed, they are the last thing I think about, and when I wake up, the first. My sister didn't care much for my little guys even though she grew up with them as well, and I don't understand how she can be so selfish and heartless. When the doctor said that they were succumbing to their old age I couldn't accept it. I got so used to tending to them that I couldn't imagine life without them. They will forever be in my heart and mind until we meet again. Until we see each other and lock eyes at the Rainbow Bridge and never let go. I love you so much my Oso and Snoopy. With your departure died a piece of my heart. I feel like I can't support this anymore. I am at peace with myself because I spent as much time with them as I humanly and possibly could, but for some reason I am trying to find guilt in all this...for example I am feeling bad when I would have to leave them to go to work or college.... I apologize for the really long text, & I thank anyone who takes the time to read it. May we all support each other in these difficult moments and may our furbabies rest in peace, until we all see our babies again.
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I am sorry to hear about your beautiful fur babies, I just lost mine only three days ago, the guilt is beginning to lift but the sadness is still such a part of my life right now. I just want you to know there are many of us feeling as you do now, my Makoa was by my side all the time and I feel so alone but keeping her here would have been unfair to her.My hope is that I will someday see her again. And you will see Snoopy and Oso again too!!
Donna Proctor
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I am so very sorry, losing your two babies so close together must be heartbreaking for you. Maltese dogs are beautiful, my friend also lost 2 of hers within a few weeks of each other.  Its so hard when they get older, but we do our very best for them, and when they do leave us they take such a huge piece of our hearts with them.   I lost my 17 year old dog Jim 16 weeks ago, and I still get so upset about him. but I`ve accepted he`s now happy over the Bridge, back to being the young puppy he was, and I`m convinced we`ll be with them again.   This site is such a big help to me, as I`m certain it will be to you, everyone here understands what you are going through right now.
                                            Hugs to you, Jackie.
J Taylor
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 We all know what you are going through losing 2 so close together.  I am so very sorry for your loss.  I lost My Winston on 3/2/16.  He was a 12 yr old Bullldog.  I still have guilt and doubts.  But I know I did the right thing to not let him suffer anymore.  Animals hide their pain and agony very well.

You are still grieving horribly at this time.  Many of these awesome people in here have lost two pets close together too.  When I lost Winston, I could swear i was going to have a breakdown.  I prayed a lot this wouldn't happen.  And it didn't.  If you keep posting and coming on this site, all of us will help you.

We have all been through the same thing.  Animals all take a big piece of us when they depart.  All i can ask is that you Please keep posting your thoughts.  We are always here for you, as they were always here for me

Prayers and hugs XO
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Oh my.  I am so sorry for you and for anyone who finds themselves needing this wonderful site really because it means you have suffered a loss that is greater than you ever imagined it would be.  None of us thought  our babies could live forever even if we might have hoped that could be true, but how can you imagine the physical pain of having your heart actually ripped out of your body, which is the only way I can describe what most of us here have felt.  How do we go on when the only WILL left is to be with our babies.  I think we all here are searching for this answer daily if not hourly.

What I am trying to point out to you is that HERE we all understand the awful pain you are feeling over the loss of your two babies.  We too are at various points along this path through grief that seems to have no end.
The people who lose loved pets and do not need to come here, have not lost their "once in a lifetime" pet, that one pet that is so entwined around your heart that being without them has left life with little or no meaning. We all seem to find a way to place guilt on ourselves for some reason.  You loved your babies with all your heart and really that is all they ask of us, while giving us so much.

I wish you peace soon and am sending you love and hugs and to let you know that someone is always here to comfort you.
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I am so sorry you lost your babies. It is heartbreaking. You have come to the right place for support. Everyone here is wonderful and will help you through this most difficult time. I wish you peace and healing. You are not alone in your grief.
Sending hugs
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I would like to thank every single person who wrote such beautiful, uplifting, and supporting words of love and compassion in memory of my beloved furbabies. There is not a second that goes by where I'm not thinking about my precious Oso and Snoopy. I am constantly thinking about how just a week ago my little guy was here beside me while I watched a movie. I'm finding it immensely difficult to maintain my composure going through this, but I am filled by such beautiful people like yourselves with your thoughts and prayers. In memory of Oso and Snoopy I again thank you for taking the time of sending me your amazing words in such difficult moment. Prayers and hugs to you wonderful people and your babies as well. Thank you all.
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Oh...I am so so sorry to read about Oso and Snoopy. I understand everything that you describe because I lost my heart & soul dog Lucy 4 months ago. But to read that you lost both dogs...two pieces of your heart-- 39 days apart-- I cannot imagine your pain. There really are no words. My own heart is breaking for you. And the guilt is something that happens to so many of us. I don't know if it's part of grieving, coping, but it is wicked.

Please know that you gave Oso & Snoopy everything. Most of all you gave them all of your love just as these brothers gave their love to you-- through so many important times in your life. All I can truly attest to is that the people on this forum are so giving & understanding. We are all in deep pain...trying to get through each day. Please be kind to yourself. Take it one day-- one hour-- one moment at a time.  Keep talking to them. Watch for signs, songs, sounds, dreams...anything that helps in those dark, sad moments. And come here often. I would not have made it through these 4 months without this forum.
Double hugs, Kasey
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