....of feeling like you might have handled things prematurely, let me explain the other side of this.

We tried and tried, with our Sadie Mae, but she was just not responding to any kinds of treatments. She was getting really emaciated. Every time a Dr. gave us any new possible treatment to consider, we went for it. Right down to her very last day, when we opted to have a feeding tube put through neck, and in through her esophagus. I'm sure that was painful, and I feel really bad about that. But we did what we had to do, to try to save her. In spite of all that, she passed away anyway.

So now, we wonder if we put her through additional pain and suffering for no reason ?

My point is, their is no point in doubting your own decisions. We just have / had to follow our own hearts. And beyond that, what happens happens.

Animal lover and photographer
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I agree. We do the best for our furry babies. I've heard other people mention it on this site, but we never want our beloved to become a study in animal research. We our their parent and it is ultimately our decision to decide what treatments we want to subject them to. I am forever thankful that my princess Anna Ng died naturally at 19 and a half years old. Guilt is a useless emotion. We do the absolute best for our furry ones and we have to accept that.

K. Unger
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Thank you for that, we really needed to hear this- 
because we besides grieving for our beloved Chevy, feel so horribly guilty about feeling if we
knew more in the past and had we just been told differently and so on would he still be here
Our Chevy was our little Boy and we always thought we did the best and made the best decisions as his Parents and he is gone and the way the last Vet put it that we had, we are too blame due to his Diet even though for 15 years we were told it was fine. 
So much wrong info all over the place. Please see our Post titled Chevy. 
Thank you for this post.
Marty and Leslie 
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