Hi Nettles 15,

You posted a comment last night in a topic I started earlier this week. You seemed unsure that you were possibly "doing the wrong thing"

I hope you are ok. It's such a difficult decision you had to make for Paws.
Just to let you know - if you want to talk you will need to start a new topic so you can kind of introduce yourself and get the right support and advice. You are not alone in this.
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You need a response!!!! GOD BLESS YOU so much as we take your heart and squeeze it with caring, love, hugs and understanding!!!  We've all been there very deeply in pain and agony with the loss of our loved ones.   We are here to guide you through......we know it is very deep and dark, but IT WILL pass because the Truth of God is that everything is passing, rotating to a newness!   Your beloved lives in the Kingdom of God now awaiting your arrival whenever that it is.....Your beloved is in a new body in the Kingdom of God and being watched over by the angels of Glory and JESUS HIMSELF!!  You are too, and HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!!!!  When you cry, JESUS is collecting your tears HIMSELF like the Bible says.....If you need a great Pet Bible devotional, let me know.....BLESSINGS TO YOU MY FRIEND!!!! Vicki 
Vicki Mattingly 
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