One year ago today we lost you. My best friend. The love of my life. While the intense sorrow and pain have fallen into an acceptance of a new reality...a new reality that you are no longer here...I still miss you everyday. Yes, your good friend Dudley is still here. I sometimes still thank him for being so good to you while you were sick. And yes, he does have a new sister. Her name is Boo. You would really like her. I do really love them. But there is a place in my heart that they will never see. A place that is only for you. I will never quite understand the connection I felt for you. There was something between us that can never be broken. I am so thankful for that. I can't express how hopeful I am that we will see each other again someday. Today, along with that hope, I have your memories. The memories of seeing you swim without tiring. The memories of our late night games of fetch at the bonfire. The memories of our hikes in the woods. The memories of us just hanging out together. I have framed the picture of the night I fell asleep using you as a pillow. We both look so peaceful. Someday, some way my friend, we will be together again. I will always love you. Always!! You will forever be my Mr. Handsome. As the song says...
"The finest years I ever knew, were all the years I had with you."
Until we meet again...   
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Dear Palczewski, I just know that your departed little soulmate is smiling down on you right now, feeling all of the love you have in your heart.  What beautiful memories you both have of your time together!  There is no doubt that he brought you joy every day that he was with you and he had a wonderful earthly life with you by his side.  And yes, you will be reunited someday.  Until then, I wish you comfort, peace and continued healing.  Jane

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Dear palczewski,
Your beautiful words to your boy brings tears to my eyes.  As I approach one year very soon, many things you expressed so well are in my heart as well.  His life here with you sounds like it was filled with lots of fun and wonderful experiences....and, of course, lots of love.  Yes, it will be great when we get to be with them again one day!  My heart is with you as you remember your very special guy on this day. 
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thank you for sharing your beautiful letter to your boy. the deep love for each other is so apparent. One day we will be with our loved ones again. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Judy

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Your words are beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Homer looks like he is smiling in the photo, what a happy dog. I can see it just from looking in that one picture. Your relationship must have been very special.

"If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever." ~ The Crow

"We don't "get over" our losses and just move on, we learn to live differently."
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