Dearest luvdaisy's mommy I'm so sorry about your precious
darling little girl Daisy.
Share this with your daughter and I hope it helps a bit.
Let her know that Daisy lives, not here on earth but
in a very special place created just for fur babies and
all animals.  It is a place over the Rainbow , it is in the
heavens.  They live again and are forever healthy.
tell her she will see Daisy again one day and until them
Daisy will be running in the meadow up there playing with
all her new friends , our precious darlings, chasing
the butterflies and bumble bees and running through
the brook of sweet water.  All domestic and wild living
in harmony.
Tell her to talk to Daisy and you talk to her, as she will be listening
for your loving words.  Her spirit is still with you and your
Tell her there is a Golden Cord that runs form Daisy
to the tow of you and this is how Daisy will hear your
words, this is how Daisy will send you a sign that she is
ok and is healthy again and she will wait for you.
She will send you the birds singing a song from her to
you, she will send you butterflies sprinkling angel
dust all around.
Tell your daughter Daisy is in the arms of an Angel
being loved.
I hope this helps , I know it's hard,  but these are the
things that we live by since we here lost our precious
babies too. It's what we have and what we know.
I have had several experiences and don't want to
frighten you into thinking I'm some kind of fruit cake
but I know what I know and have experienced.
They come to visit, they come to let us know
they will love us always.  Their spirit is precious.
Their love is pure.  They are the meaning of the word.
Go out at night and look above Daisy is one of the stars
that the moon beams glow on.  She will watch over you both.

God Bless and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

(((((((((  Daisy  ))))))  xoxoxoox   We love you sweetheart .
Tonya Mesha Gails mommy Babies and Maggie Mae's too at the bridge
Mommy to living baby Kit Kat AND as of 7/14/2010 Cotton (puppy)
For the love of our babies
They are the reason
Forever and Always Forever and a Day
Oh what a love is the love of our babies
A love like no other. Love drops fall

MY PRECIOUS SWEET GIRL Mesha Gail My Very Heart and your Shane's too

REMEMBERING MERCY xoxoxox oh what a love.

REMBERING MAX passed 12/1/2009 xoxoxox We love you MAX xoxoxo
Shane and I love you.

My true register date is Jan. 2006 ****** it took me that long before I cold talk about my loss.
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