....there's no one who misses you more than me.
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So sorry for your loss.  Just lost mine this last Monday.
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You only think you are training them.  When they are gone, you finally get it.
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This is so true. Each day we have to get through the day and most of the time it's with a forced smile. Thank you for saying I was a good mom to Lucy. God knows I tried. I still get tricked like that too. It seems like after almost 5 months that shouldn't happen anymore but my brain can't process this loss. We were with our babies every day for years! Everything I did I planned with Lucy in mind. I hope you are having a gentle week. I am ready for this one to be done. I've gotten so many reminders of Lucy that I am emotionally spent. It's hard to find time to be able to grieve. There's always a sacrifice when you allow yourself to grief yet the consequences of not letting yourself grieve is greater than the sacrifice. Why did we have to lose Benni and Lucy like that? We were those good dog owners, the kind that don't miss anything. Anytime Lucy even got a scratch I noticed right away. I think if we were there when these accidents happened, they wouldn't have happened at all. It took a combination of our absence and their curiosity/being oblivious to danger. I feel like I'm living someone else's life. I don't remember a life without Lucy. I wish you luck in getting through the day tomorrow. Be kind to yourself. You will never forget Benni and he would never forget you. You were also an amazing parent to him!

~ Leah
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