This is the first Christmas without my beloved Quaker Parrot Oscay,who passed away on October1st in my arms.I cry everyday.I have other birds,but was closer to him.He helped me through mini stroke and a heart attack.
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Mamabird, we know how you feel. My first Christmas as well without my baby dachshund. You are not alone here. All best wishes and condolonces for your loss of Oscay. 
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I’m so sorry. I know how difficult this is. Hugs being sent your way.....
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This was my first Christmas without Sami. I'm so sorry.

Samwise (Sami /Sam) Humble
May 21 2003 - Dec 10 2019

"and you're locked inside my heart
and your melody's an art
and I won't let the terror in

I'm stealing time,
through the eye of the needle"
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I so did not want to join this club. I lost my Casey, a 14-year-old golden retriever, yesterday Christmas morning. The pain is overwhelming. It was so sudden I'm in shock.
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