I've written on the sudden loss thread about losing my dear Wayne on Feb 3rd. He died suddenly in my arms in bed. It was disturbing and I didnt know what was going on at the time. I thought he had a seizure or something but the vet hospital told us that he had already passed before arriving at emergency. I have been having an emotional breakdown over his loss. Our family had to travel a few days after his loss and tonight is our first night back home. We are so used to his presence racing to greet us and following us around the house as we unpack. Wayne would always meow in excitement and loved to be carried over my shoulder one handed as I unpacked. I miss him dearly and being home is just so empty. I hate being back here. I miss the sit down of stories my parents would tell me about Wayne while we were gone. They usually stay with Wayne while we are gone. No funny stories this time.. I am just so heart breakingly consumed with sadness. I want my Wayne back. My young child said on the airplane "yeah, we get to see Big Wayne" again. And sadly, I had to re explain that he was gone and not waiting for us at home.
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