I adopted Gracie in October of 2015, she was only 5 months old. She was a wonderful addition to our kitties. We have two males so getting a playful little girl was amazing. She suddenly started sleeping more than a kitten should about a week ago and didn't think anything of it. But Thursday night I found her under my bed foaming at the mouth and barely able to move. I rushed to the Er and they claimed that she ate a bug and that it was toxic and so on. Once I got home she started breathing heavy and I was sure she wasn't going to make it through the the night.
Friday morning I rushed to our vet and I didn't care what it would cost as long as they helped gracie. They ran blood tests and found she was positive for FELV and that her liver was failing, she was developing lymphoma and was anemic.
We put her down at 1:30pm Friday and I have been crying ever since. How could my baby who wasn't even a year old yet get taken from me? I feel like I'm being over dramatic but I haven't been able to do anything because I literally feel heartbroken?

Is this normal to feel like the world shattered underneath you?
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Yes it is normal for many here.

It is so hard to lose a pet so young, i addiyion to grief you feel you have been robbed.

I am so sorry.


Sue E
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Everything you are feeling I completely normal. The time you spent with your kitty was a lot shorter than the time I had with my  7 1/2 year old puppy. I lost him suddenly when he was hit by a car last month. He was a little black peek a poo who weighed no more than 15lbs. I think regardless the amount of time we spend with our babies it is never long enough. God has a plan for every creature on this earth, unfortunately sometimes it takes death to learn this. Its been over 40 days since my baby was taken from me and I still grieve. However, the days got a little easier over time. Hang in there, you have came to the right place.
Hogans Daddy
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I am so sorry for the loss of your Gracie, and being soooo young, makes it hurt alot more. I lost my baby Dakota many years ago and she was only 4 1/2 y/o and I felt like she was jilted/short changed on life, she had many health issues that came out of nowhere and had to put her to sleep.

Please know all the feelings you are having are so normal, this is still new and fresh. When my recent dog passed away back on Dec 3rd, I am still grieving her. I still cry daily and miss her so much. I even took 3 sick days off from work once this happened cuz i was not able
to function for quite some time. So yes, your feelings are normal.


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I am so very sorry that you lost Gracie , and how unfair that she was so young - still only a baby kitty.    The way you are feeling is normal, everyone on here will recognise your feelings of being heartbroken,  its just such a horrible time, the first few days after losing my dog 17 weeks ago I was wandering round like a zombie - completely overwhelmed by losing him.   
  Just take it a day or even hour at a time,  it will slowly get a little better, though sometimes it will seem like its all too much.   Your other two cats will need you also, as they`ll be wondering where their new little friend has gone - so plenty of extra love and hugs for them. 
                                                       Take care, Jackie.

J Taylor
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I am so sorry to hear about your baby. You are not being over dramatic and don't ever let anyone tell you that you are! Obviously we are all animal lovers here and our pets are our kids. My heart hurts at the loss of my Sweetie cat who passed unexpectedly a few days ago. I understand how you feel. We lost several kittens to feline leukemia. No matter what their age, how long we've had them, our pets touch/touched our lives and that's why we are here on this forum. Your animals are lucky to have such a wonderful fur mom.
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