I got Mr. Darcy, my Great Dane mix when I was 20 and just lost him in the last month (I’m almost 32), so he was with me for all of the big life things that your 20’s entail. He was also there anytime I was sick. Everything from sinus infections to cancer. He was there, curled up in bed with me, head resting on my stomach.

Today, I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled. Lying here, I realized this is my first “home sick/recovering all day” without him. It just hit me like a ton of bricks. Cue the waterworks. The sobbing, snotty, waterworks (which, when combined with the chipmunk cheeks from the wisdom teeth shenanigans makes for a really great look overall). My other pup is here and providing A+ comfort, but that heartache hurts a lot more than my bloodied gums, and I just keep stumbling over these moments that take me from “going about my day and fine” to “incapacitated for a few hours”.

Anyway, I’m just sending this out. I didn’t want to bum out friends/family.
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Dear Carrie, 

There are so many stories posted here on the forum about pets who helped their parents through times of serious and even life threatening illness.

My own experience involved my beloved cat "Marmalade". I have had chronic migraine headaches for over 36 years. During our time together, Marmalade would insist on staying adjacent to me, when ever I was having a bad bout. When the migraines were severe, he would stay close enough to me just to let me know he was nearby. He would not come close to me, until I was in-between migraines when they had subsided for a time. He would carefully and slowly approach me so as to not disturb me in order to check up on me, I would pet him and let him know that I was okay and he would purr gently and then he would return to his perch to keep watch over me.

During our four years together, Marmalade would hold vigil over me, and I would hold vigil over him when he was ill. He saved my life from commiting suicide many times simply with his presence and his attitude of gratefulness. He was kind, caring, compassionate, loyal and true. I miss him so, as you miss your Great Mr. Darcy.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences.
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So sorry to hear about Mr.Darcy, what a fabulous name!!

Pets are so incredibly intuitive & loyal, always there without fail to provide us with love whenever we are sad or sick! The pictures of him are beautiful!!

I know of your heartache.
I lost my furbaby 'Daisy' in August, & one day when I went to visit my sister, her cat came over & started to lick my Daisy's face..I still think of this with such affection, It's so sweet, i imagined she did it because she may have sensed or smelt that my Daisy was unwell, who knows. They are truly magic!!

Please be gentle & patient with yourself, it will get easier with time! And post here for support..

Sending you comfort & hugs

Daisy's mummy
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What a sweetheart. I’m so sorry. You must have had and still have such a special bond with him. My two cats helped me through a serious health scare and they always seemed to know just when I was feeling my worst physically and mentally.

I know it’s so hard to be without him. You are in my thoughts.
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Wow Mr Darcy was so handsome! I'm so sorry you are going through this-we all are and its heartbreaking. Even though he wasn't beside you I would like to think his spirit was there to help you through your healing. We all get moments where we remember something about our lost pet and just break down. My Ollie was euthanized 6 weeks ago and I"m still crying about him from time to time. Please write as much as you need to here-we are all understanding and you're right, it won't burn out our friends and family. Some of which will never understand
Wishing you a speedy recovery
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