My heart is breaking that the type of cancer Fiona had was undetectable.  On Valentine's Day, she was treated for dehydration and a fever.  The emergency vet was very optimistic for a full recovery, because all her labs were normal except for mild dehydration, which is common during the winter months were I live. The fever broke and she was showing signs of recovering and we were starting to get the old Fiona back. She had weekly follow-up appointments and her vet was excited about her recovey.  An ultrasound was performed a week before she passed and there were no tumors present and still no physical signs of cancer. This past monday she had a follow up appointment and still no signs of cancer-she never even vocalized she was in pain until Wednesday evening.Her vet was excited that Fiona was starting to eat a normal amount of food and her weight had stableized. This past Wednesday, things took turn for the worse-it became apparent there was something seriously wrong. This past thursday, she passed away.  I don't regret the decision to put her down, I regret the fact that she was such a strong cat and because of that she had suffered silently with cancer and we could not have spared that pain. We opted for an autopsy to ensure what she had was something she either contracted from our other cat or could be passed to the other cat.  Our vet broke down in tears when she discussed the autopsy results with me.  She stated in her 20years of being a vet she never had a cat patient who had cancer which had great lab results, test results, and showed no physical signs of cancer.  She regretted that she was not able to diagnose the cancer sooner, so, we could have made the decision sooner as too when to put Fiona to sleep-and to spare Fiona the pain she must have been suffering even though she never showed it or verbalized it.  Our caring vet did reassure me that even though she had been under dr. care for about 3 wks she went quickly and didn't think she suffered too long.  Sure miss that little bugger.  Never had a cat that was intelligent like her and liked to do alot of things that dogs did, played fetch, played chased. leash trained, would wake me up and would go staight to her leash, and hide her chew sticks and knew exactly where she hid them.  And finally, will miss her climbing up our backs so she could sit on our shoulders.
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My sweet baby of nearly 16 years in his last days.  Counting the hours I have left with him.  Helpful to know that I'm not just a crazy cat lady; and that others have the same anguish.
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I feel your pain.  We just lost our sweet baby Snuffy to stomach cancer.  He was around 15 years old.  My boyfriend had found him as a stray before we ever met.  Snuffy was the most wonderful cat in the world.  He never did anything wrong, he was always mellow, and he was my best friend.  He followed me around like a dog, and loved me unconditionally.  

About a year ago, he started losing some weight.  I didn't think much of it, because he was always a picky eater, and I knew he was getting up in age.  I tried feeding him more and switched all of my cats, we have four, to a healthier cat food.  I assumed he was just getting old, as he never showed any signs of illness or any behavioral changes.  He always acted like himself, ate normally, loved his treats, and just wanted to be in our presence.  I made a mental note to take him to the vet and have him checked out, just in case.  We have (had) 4 cats and 2 dogs, all are healthy and well taken care off.  We consider ourselves knowledgeable pet owners who know when an animal needs medical attention.  I admit, we were going through some difficult financial times at the time and postponed the vet visit.  

Well, one night last week, I had came home from work and took a nap.  A little while after my nap I noticed he wasn't acting right.  He was off balance, slower, and wouldn't eat.  I couldn't pin down the last time he had a good meal, so we ended up force feeding him with plans to take him to the vet the next morning.  After we force fed him, he immediately vomited everything right up.  I knew at that time, something was seriously wrong.  

I rushed him to the vet the next morning.  An xray showed he had air in his gi tract.  The vet said it was either from serious trauma or cancer and that they would have to operate to see if there was anything they could do.  We knew he had no trauma, so we were certain it had to be cancer.  We were told if it was the cancer, there was nothing they could do.  They could patch him up, but he would have a painful recovery, and would probably only last a couple of months.  So, we decided we would say our goodbyes before he was operated on, and that if it was the cancer, we would not wake him up and just let him go.

It was the most painful decision I think I have ever had to make.  We sat in a little room crying and telling him goodbye before his surgery we knew he would probably not come back from.  It turns out, it was stomach cancer.

We told the vet to let him go, we didn't want him to suffer.  That was 4 days ago.  I am completely devastated.  You don't expect to run your pet to the vet because they are sick, and come home with an empty leash and carrier.  The only relief, is that there is nothing else we could have done.  Even if the vets would have found it earlier, you can't really treat stomach cancer.  The end result would have been the same, we would have kept him around until he showed signs of pain, then let him go.

We have a huge hole in our hearts and our lives right now.  I know that time, and our other pets, will fill it eventually...  You just have to be happy to have had, and loved, and received the love of such wonderful pet.  We are put here as their guardians and as such, we have to make the difficult decisions and live with the pain when they have to go.  I read somewhere, that they have to die, before we do, because no one would love them and care for them, as we do, after we are gone.  My prayers for the both of you.  You will make it through this difficult time.

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i know how you feel, my dog died yesterday from cancer. I hope the best for you.
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