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I just don't understand why me????? Life SUCKS!!!! Gremlin had what is called Fatty Liver forget the medical term but basiclly her Toxin levels in her body were to high and not passing in her pee like they should have so they overwhelm the liver and basiclly it gets to the point that it can't handle any more and shuts down. So we had to make the best for Gremlin and let her go!! You will be missed my sweet girl!!
Gremlin is the Black and White Tuxedo kitty in the pic.

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   I am so very sorry for your losses -- such beautiful sweet little kitties.  My little schnauzer and my little orange tabby passed within 6 weeks of one another and as unbearable as it was and still is, I wonder if it wasn't God's plan because they needed to be together.  To me believing (or wondering) that helps on some level which is why I am sharing it with you.  What else can we do but try to believe.  My sympathy to you and God's peace 

                    -Schnauz's Mom

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KittyMom, I finally got into the forum and saw your pictures - your babies are so beautiful.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I still cannot get onto FB - don't know what the problem it there - must be me as I am new to this.  Your babies are  just gorgeous - I know how much love you had for them and they for you.  Please know that my Gus and Freddie loved cats so much and I am sure they are playing together and keeping each other company and just waiting for us to join them someday. Love, Linda

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