Hi there, I had to put down my sweetest baby girl last night. My cat Sophie was my whole heart. She was 11 and had a heart murmur, aka congenital heart failure. She was in great health otherwise but last night she got a sudden blood clot and that was it. I knew this day would come but I was not prepared for it because it seemed her condition was well in hand. 

I don't know how to get through today. Please, any words or advice or things to say to myself would be helpful. 

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Hi MarieKMG, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. My dog of 14 yrs had to be put down almost a month ago. She also had congestive heart failure. I know the pain you are feeling right now. The crying, the missing of there presence, the emptiness is very hard but normal after going through what you have. I still am struggling some myself. Right now you just need to let all your emotions out. Cry when you need to and for however long you need. There will be people or family members that won't understand but all of us here do. We are either currently going through a loss or have in the past. I understand the longing to hold them or touch them again. To cuddle with them. I have a candle I light every day for my Peanut and her sweater she would wear, next to me at all times. Do you have something of hers to comfort you? I pray for strength for you during this difficult time. Hugs Gwen
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Thank you. It's painful to see her belongings today. I pain in indescribable. But maybe in a few days I'll be able to try that--keeping her blanket with me. 

The house is so empty yet I expect to see her everywhere. 
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet girl Sophie. I had to say goodbye to my sweet boy Jagger in June. He also had a serious heart murmur but it was cancer that took him. It does get easier over time but initially the pain seems unbearable.

There are many wonderful and understanding people here. If/when you are ready, it can help to post pictures, feelings, and stories about sweet Sophie.

My condolences,
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Dear Marie
I am so sorry to hear about Sophie-it is heartbreaking and gut wrenching to lose our best friend. And there is nothing that can make it better except time-and even then its hard. Please take care of yourself, grieve as you need to and know what you are going through it what most people on this forum have dealt with-so use us as a resource or to vent when you need to
Sending you a big hug
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Marie - My deepest sympathies for the loss of your beloved Sophie. You knew there was a health issue, but when it happens so suddenly, the shock is just tremendous. I'm so sorry your girl has gone.

I understand your sense of disarray and disorientation. I lost my precious cat Sammi a little over 2 months ago and sometimes I still can't believe he's not here anymore. My younger cat Moses was quite subdued for several weeks; he took his cues from his alpha older 'brother', and it broke my heart even more to watch his confusion.

I've taken the liberty of including a link that I found very helpful in the aftermath of a sudden death. It's a site for the loss of a human, but the principles are exactly the same. You lost a precious member of your family, and your grief is entirely legitimate.

Sending you peaceful thoughts.

P.S. I have a thread for References/Links in the main area.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your cat Sophie there r no words to express the emptiness the loss of a pet leaves. I am on day one of the loss of my dog Snowball n it’s absolutely awful. I spent some time earlier looking at pictures of him n remembering all the joy he brought to my life. Not sure if this would be helpful for u too. The lack of his presence n energy in my house is so noticeable. It makes me want to leave but yet I don’t want to be around other people. My kids are 13 n 16 n r devastated as well but r spending time with friends doing activities that will distract them. This is helping them cope. Perhaps this would b worth a try for u? Again so sorry, Colleen
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We had to put our kitty-kitty down yesterday.  I cry and then I don't.  It is very hard - just shows how loved he was.  
Francis Lynn
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Thank you all for writing. This is helpful. I got through yesterday. I will get through today. I went out today but people just looked at my funny because it was clear I've been crying profusely. The love of Sophie, the love of all our furry babies, is so unique--in some ways more powerful than love from humans. It is truly a precious gift to have received it. And that makes its absence all the more unbearable.
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I completely agree. It was hard to get through the day and when I went out I was crying. I do feel so lucky and honored to have received the love from my dog Snowball, but the pain of his loss is almost unbearable. It feels nice to connect to so many animal loving souls on this forum ❤️ - it’s important to connect with those who really understand the depth of love one can have for a pet.
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How are you  doing, MarieKMG?
I clearly remember those first days. I was fit for nothing. Like I was hardly even in this world. It is very hard.

My tip is keep sending kindest love out to them. Their Souls do sense that love.
Try not to be afraid of the awful storms of grief. They will take you down, but you will surface again. You will get through the storms.
And your little one Sophie, wants you to continue with your life's purpose. She has not forgotten you, still loves you as she always did, and will be waiting.

You will always miss her for the rest of your life, but you will manage to get through and keep going with love. I did.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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Dear Mistysmama,

What you wrote has helped tremendously. I feel like I can come up with a plan for the next two days. Thank you. I still think I see her or feel the weight of her on the bed. This is painful for me. I'm beginning to accept that inevitability of her life span and that is helping. The whole in my heart is numb now. I fear the grief bombs when the shock passes. 

thank you for asking me how i'm doing. So few people in my life are doing that. Yes, people know how dear she was and say something once, but that's it. I'll be back on here tomorrow. It's my lifeline. 

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