My precious Lenny cat.  Last Christmas you were with us and in one of your healthy, good periods.   You "reserved" your spot under the Christmas tree and had fun treating the ornaments as play toys.  Matthew made you that bed for Christmas and you loved it.  You slept in it every night for the remaining two months that you had left in your life.  We didn't know it was the last Christmas.  There had been so many crises when we thought we would lose you but you pulled through.  But the last day came in February and we knew it was time to be unselfish and let you go because we couldn't stop your suffering.  Coming home with that empty carrier broke our hearts.  The quiet house, the absence of all of our routines with you, the feelings of emptiness, sadness and grief.  Your vet wrote us a very nice personal letter about you.  Everyone around us was very kind but that couldn't fill the empty spot you left in my heart.  I hope that you are finding happiness at the Rainbow Bridge.
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  I'm feeling the same as you. This will be my 1st Christmas without my dog and I'm not happy about it. I just want the Holidays to come and go quickly. Sending you peaceful thoughts. Stay strong and post here often. It can surely help.

Jim Miller
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Patsy, so sorry for your loss. I totally feel the same, Christmas not looking forward to. Like to press fast forward to Jan 1 actually.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I too don't feel like doing the holidays this year. It's been only 3 weeks for me.
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Dear Patsy,

You both loved Lenny so very much that you two thought what was best for him, and not yourselves, so you released him of his suffering.  That is unselfish and very compassionate.  You are a good parents to do that.  I read he had gotten sick many times, but bounced back.  Although at the end, you felt it was time and the best and pretty much the only choice you both could make.  What a horrible decision we have to make. We are between a rock and a hard place.  Neither is ever a good choice. 

I will be joining you in the "First Christmas Without You" group.  A group I never volunteered to join. I would like to relinquish my membership and go back to the way it was before that fateful day.  I wish John Coffey from the movie The Green Mile was a real person and could "take it back" for us.  (I love that movie.)  Imagine the miracles he could do for all of us, and yet he too, lost his life for no reason. A good man just trying to help others, but at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Shows how unfair life can be.

I hope we both get through the holiday.  My nightmare began last Nov 27 and will end on Jan 3, with the day of dread on Xmas Eve.  It would have been wonderful, if last year I had gotten everything that I "DIDN'T ASK FOR." 

Oh, how I miss my baby, too.  It's painful for both of us, plus many others on this forum.  May we all get through the end of this year without overwhelming sorrow. 

Here's to Lenny and Parker romping in the fields at Rainbow Bridge.  I hope that place is one miracle that exists. It would be reassuring to believe that our babies are back to good health and happy again.  

~ Parker's Mom
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Thank you to everyone for your kind comments.  A lot of people probably are not looking forward to the holidays.
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Joining the first Christmas without you group. Unfortunately. Twinkie, my dachshund, would drink the water under the tree incessantly and wake me up with pine breath kisses. 

This year I made my wife get a fake tree, no water, no pine kisses, and we bought new ornaments as all our ones from our history are just too painful to look at. 

What are you guys and gals doing if you have children? I have a 10 year old, who was sad at Twinkies passing but not harboring it like I am. I want to make the holidays great for her but just cannot feel quite there yet 60 days later. 
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I understand where you are coming from  my furbaby turned 13 in March   Two weeks later we had to have him laid to rest   I miss him so much 27D2635D-340C-4730-BE8D-4C472CCFE9D0.jpeg
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