My black cat, Ross loved Christmas. He loved dressing as santa cat, climbing the Christmas tree and knocking it over, trying to open the presents early and stealing my Christmas cake.

I miss him so much. Sadly went to the rainbow bridge aged 20 years old on 29th March.

I miss eating my own food and there is no Ross to beg and run of with my food. I miss him so much.

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Hi, I`m so very sorry for your loss.     Ross sounds such a mischievous little cat so full of fun, and what a testimony to you that he got to the grand age of 20.  Learning to adjust to life without our special little friends is so hard, and I understand just how much you miss him and all the things that he did.   This time of year is especially tough, so I am so glad you have come here to this lovely forum - everyone here is all on the same "journey", and know exactly how you feel.     Sending you peace and hugs.

J Taylor
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You were blessed to have him so long.  He was one lucky kitty.

It is hard to get by it all, but time will put it in perspective.  Yes, I say this while I still feel a large empty hole, in my heart, from my loss ban in March of 2015.  Hang in there and know he is looking down trying his best to reach the top of that tree from his new perch and feeling like a kitten again.
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You only think you are training them.  When they are gone, you finally get it.
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Dear Della,
I'm so sorry about the loss of Ross.  He does sound like one active kitty!  And I agree with a previous commenter, what a remarkable mother you were to Ross for have lived so very long.

The holidays are particularly hard because they bring back a flood of happy memories of days gone by.  I still buy presents for my two girls and even have Christmas ornaments with their pictures that I put on the tree.  These special babies are and will always be in our hearts so, in some small way, it's my way of celebrating their lives and the unconditional love they gave during the Christmas holiday season.

Always remember that Ross loved you and now Ross is playing, napping, climbing all kinds of trees, probably sneaking snacks and just having a grand time.  But Ross is also watching over you Della, waiting for that day when you can meet on Rainbow Bridge.

I pray for your hurt to lessen and for your heart to find peace.  This is not an easy time so please be kind to yourself and know that there are so many of us who share in your grief.

My warmest regards,  Carmen's and Gigi's mom - alicia
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He will be with you forever you just wont be able to see him
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