This will be the first Christmas without my precious Matski I am so dreading tomorrow I am 56 years old and it will be the worst Christmas of my life. Last Christmas she was frisky and playful like she was a kitten again then in February she was gone. I just want my Baby! 
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Same here.  My kitty daughter died on December 27.  I couldn't put up the tree this year; first time in my entire life for no tree.  We knew last Christmas it was the end.  Just to let you know you aren't alone in this, and I understand how you feel.  Hugs.
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I am very sorry for both of your loss, Chenillecat and AllieGM. This time of the year I particularly hard. Our fur babies know how much we love them. Hugs

Charlie's mom
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I understand how you both feel, I lost me lil fur baby in the summer,and was for first year without a tree or anything up for the holiday season.It wasnt the same with out my lil boo boo.Even though I only had him a short time frame( 18 months) we bonded right from the start. WE did nearly everything together, including bed time.I did adopt another kitty, that is 10 years old, not to take boo's place, but to make sure she had a happy and loving home to call your own and not be in a cage in a shelter or kennel.I found her on a site called,, as she's 10 and her former own developed serious allergies and was about to surrender her to a shelter. Which I knew she in time be laid to rest due to her age.
No kitty should be in a shelter or kennel to live out her/his golden years in my option, that's why I picked her up and we've bonded right from the start. 
I do keep boo boo s picture on the end table, and also have his picture on my screen on my laptop.I also have his collar in my pocket. And if I forget to place it their when i get dressed, I go back for it. AS I dont feel whole without it.
God bless 
Rick (booboos) papa
Rick crossan
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I'm so sorry. I just saw your post and I wanted to tell you I understand your dreading Christmas. For me it was tough although this was my second Christmas without my babies. I hope you are getting along okay even though your heart is hurting. Hugs to you!
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