Hi I'm new my name is Rhonda Robenolt I had a tabby cat medium hair named Fiona who passed away early this morning at 3 am she was my best friend I could tell her anything and she would listen she was 12 yrs old
Rhonda robenolt

*Love you always fiona & Mrs kitty 
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Katy Lou, you will forever be in my heart.  Until we meet again.  Daddy loves and misses you so much.  You are daddys daughter.
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I am so sorry for your loss.  I have a 13 year old tabby/Maine Coon with a heart murmur who is mourning the loss of his big sissy, my sweet, 17 year old Cuddles (Cuddy Buddy).

It's the worst kind of pain, but please take comfort in knowing that you've found a safe place and we're all here to support you.  I could not have gotten through the last few days without the people here.

Please know you are not alone!
Rachel (Cuddles's mommy)
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Praying for you
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I am so sorry you lost your Kitty Girl. You have come to the right place to receive comfort love and understanding. We are all suffering and are hear to listen and offer words of consolation. I realize words are not enough, but they are all we have. Wishing you healing and peace at the proper time.

Thinking of you.
Becky's Momma Puppy
Becky's Momma Puppy

Becky aka Baboo
Always The
Queen of My Heart
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