I was looking through adoptable dogs on petfinder and came across a dog that has eerily similar markings to my Katie who passed last fall....and even a photo of him with his look a look alike Kitty.  (I need a dog who likes cats as I have one that was buddies with Katie).  There are differences of course.. this is a male dog, short haired... both are Border Collies.  Was considering meeting this dog.

What do you  all think of look alikes.. or at least major similarities... is it a recipe for disaster?   

Below is a pic of 'Bash'  and another of Katie.  The first is Katie.

  katiecpy2.jpg      2OP5JBC3Y.jpg 
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Hi Karen,

The choice of your next fur baby is completely up to you! We can never "replace" a beloved fur baby because each dog is going to have its own unique personality. For myself, I do not wish to have another baby that too closely resembles my precious Daisy Mae because I don't want to reinforce that connection in my mind. For you, however, it may prove to be a comfort. Follow you gut and your heart, and I believe you will be right in whatever you decide. Your Katie was absolutely adorable! The coloring of Bash is quite similar, but he has so many of his own unique features and is also adorable. I wish you the very best in making your decision. 

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Dear Karen,
Bash looks like a really nice dog. Yes something about his markings are slightly similar to Katie's but he looks so different in character.

When my Misty was alive we knew a dog we used to sometimes meet on one of our 4 mile walks. This dog looked so STRIKINGLY like Misty, the only difference being her nose was black and Misty's was light brown. They looked like twin sisters. It used to make me laugh.

Now I like this dog very much. I have met her a number of times since Misty passed and she likes me too. She lives with a family by the way. She is not adoptable.
But each time I see her even though she reminds me of Misty, I have grown to sense her unique character. She is nothing like Misty. She doesn't smell like her. She is different in every way because she is herself -not Misty. That doesn't stop me liking her and us being 'good acquaintances' as I walk by. It is always nice to see her and sense her unique character. She always follows me a little way down the lane and I take her back home.

So there always has to be a part of us I think which is willing to embrace the different-ness of a new friend, even though there is a great similarity physically to a loved one.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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hi Katie and Bash have similiarities but different markings........it really does not matter though, what YOU think is right is the right thing to do....if you feel like Bash is a good match for you, yes, may be similiar to Katie but will never, ever replace your Katies personality, love etc.............we never replace our pets, we do expand our love though to other pets........If YOU think Bash is a good match, go for it, there is no time frame, no comparisions, it is what YOU think is best for you. If you feel you are ready to adopt a lil ball of love into your life, go for it, you will never replace your Katie, only expand your heart and give this lil' Bash a life of love that he never knew existed And similarieties do not change things....each dog is different.........they may be same in certain areas but i truly believe each dog has his own character and love and individual personality....wishing you the best, go with your gut!


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Oh both are so beautiful!!! Like someone wrote, the choice is completely up to you but I have a feeling you will get this one here. :) They are so similar. Wow. I had the same thing happen to me, not planned at all. I have been heartbroken over losing my girl 4th of July 2016 and then this year a friend called to tell me of a 5 wk old puppy that was dropped off abandoned in her apartment complex she just moved to an hour from me. I didn't ask questions but felt bad for the pup, and said I was not ready yet. (I have a 14 y.o. dog Bella still here and didn't want her to feel jealous). This was on 7-7-2017. My friend said okay and would keep trying to find someone to take her. She sent me a pic and well...the pup looked very similar to my girl who left me even down to the white tip on her black tale like my girl had! So I said I would take her but had work the next day. Well, my work got cancelled the next morning so I instead picked up the adorable pup on 7-8-2017. I felt it was meant to be. She has been weat addition although a handful! She has even done some of the same things my last girl did , even drawn to Ginger's area of the yard, even hopped up to knock down all Ginger's old stuffed animals when I left her alone the 1st two times for me to come back with her sleeping in the box she knocked over with all the stuffed animals bigger than her surrounding her lol. I have no idea who she could have even hopped that high as tiny as she was when I first got her? I feel they even have the same eyes and she loves to stare at me as she sleeps just like Gingi did. I always said my Gingi was my soulmate and now I have to wonder how all this stuff works. So many have asked if I have watched A Dog's Purpose. I am still not ready though. I will say though I know the jist of the movie and if anyone could try to get back to me somehow it would be my Gingi. I named the new pup Daisy. Both black and white, both pit bulls. Both extremely lovable. I wasn't looking but I am happy I got her. I know she could never ever replace my Gingi and I will miss Ginger til the day I die. And Daisy is very different in some ways and so similar in others, even with kissing herself as she walks past the mirror like Gingi uses to. I wish you the best in making the best decision. :) Some dog will be very lucky to have you help them out.
Denise (Sweet Ginger's Mom)
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That is amazing that you got this little dog and it is being very sweet. How is your 14 year old dog coping with it? I also have a 14 year old dog and I worry about getting another dog if it would upset him ..but then again he is now alone in the house when we go out, and I know that upsets him, so a new dog would be a bit of competition and stress at first, but they do get used to it and then secretly like the company of another dog when you are not home.
Daisy is so lucky you can take care of her now. I know Gingi was your soul mate and can never be replaced, you just have to leave room in your heart for some other poor creature needing a home.
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Katie and Bash are Yin and Yang! She was a girl, he's a boy. she had a long. fluffy coat, and his is short and close. She had her black spot over her left eye, and his is over his right. If you are at all tempted, go meet Bash! This could be Katie's sign to you that she wants you to meet. Let us know what happens! xoxo
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bless you for wanting give another furbaby a great life and like you my littleguy passed 11 months ago well I do have others dogs but just felt compelled to honor my littleguy and offer another one a great life, well on august 9th I saw rori a 9 month old newfoundland girl on petfinder and for some odd reason just felt like she was the one and I had never had a female before its always been boys ,well I put the application in and got a call on Thursday that I got approved for her as the ones in front of me didn't  and I already thought she was gone as they had taken her picture down ,but found out that they were just getting flooded with people wanting her , well on august 12th myself and cade my 9 year old newfoundland brother to littleguy made the 2 hour drive to Guernsey county dog kennel and when they brought her out I just melted as she looks like a mini version of my littleguy ,and I do see similar things between her and him but shes her own dog and I wouldn't change a thing about her , but I always said when my littleguy knew I was ready he would send me the one I was supposed to have as im a real believer in fate and from everything they told me and now that I see how she is here life in the first 9 months was a terrible one and she has a long road to walk but believe me she will never walk that road alone  again ,and I'm finally able now to look at her and think about my littleguy without crying and she brings a smile as she is my rainbow dog that was sent my way . and just follow your heart in this and it all will be ok ,good luck on this journey as Katie will be leading the way to the right path .

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