A few weeks after Spider died, I started feeling the urge to get a pair of kittens. So I searched on Craigslist, found a couple that I really liked and contacted the seller, only to be disappointed at how much they wanted for these kittens and I couldn't afford it. Spider was a Lynx Point Siamese and I was looking at the Flame Point Siamese.

Before I left for Labor Day Weekend, I had to stop at Petco and get some dogfood for our puppy. There was a Flame Point Siamese named Simon at the store. I liked him, but couldn't pick him up at that time since we were leaving town for the weekend. I figured Simon was beautiful and I knew he would be adopted to a good home. His information said he was 4 years old.

Last week, we had to make another dogfood run and decided to check out the adoptable cats... and there was Sebastian, ANOTHER Flame Point Siamese! This guy was 3 years old (same age as Spider). We went up to the cage to get a closer look, and he started meowing and talking to us, then plopped over on his back, exposing his belly for rubs. Just like Spider.

I didn't take Sebastian home either and haven't been back to see if he is still there, but I thought it too coincidental to find two Flame Points within the same month at the same location and especially since that was exactly the breed I was looking at getting.

The second cat flopping over just like Spider always did made me feel like he was giving me a sign that it was okay to love another furbaby.

What do you guys think? Is this a sign from my baby?

R.I.P. Spider 7-16-10

You were very loved and will always, always be missed.
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You've started looking, so that means you are preparing yourself.  Spider would definitely want you to love another...maybe you just aren't quite ready if you are unsure.  Id say that was myabe a sign for you.....wait til it feels right for you, and then it will be.  The fact that you saw 2 different flame points, maybe moving you towards the next big step.  I believe all our animals would want us to love again.

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Oh goodness, wolfshadow, the way you told that story, I was shocked at the end that you didn't take the second one home!
Yes, I think it is probably a sign and I'm hopeful you will get another, but judylinn is the voice of reason here, and she is right.  You will know when you are truly ready.  Now, what are you going to do if you go on another dog food run and there is a third?  Or maybe the second one is still available?  Just curious! 
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I'm so sorry for your loss but yes I believe it is a sign! 

I believe with my whole heart that my first cat Twilight brought me my second cat Ginger.  She was just the PERFECT cat for my life at the time.  She fit into my life with my boyfriend just amazingly.  Sadly, she passed away at the beginning of this month.  But I hope the two of them will help me find another to love and cherish some day.

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First of all, I am so sorry for your loss.. I lost my beloved "Georgie", my 13 yr old kitty fur baby last Wednesday. I would also have to agree with you that finding two different kitties like you did is not a coincidence, even though it would be easy to think that. It seems like Spider is sending you a sign, that it is ok to love again, so follow your heart. Spider will always have a huge part of your heart, as Georgie has my heart. As we grow and experience more and more of life I am convinced, we experience both more heartache and more love. Each time our hearts grow ....... Yours may very well have room for a new kitty...
Amy E Mach.
Mommy of beloved Georgie Mach
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I believe in those signs. You knew your cat better than anyone else. You had a personal relationship between the two of you. You did things that only your cat understood and vise versa. I know my Halfie picked my new dog Lola for me because the first thing Lola did when I picked her up at the pet store was nibble my ear. The same thing Halfie used to do to me as a puppy. I know she sent Lola to me because the two personality's are so much alike. Halfie was a little trouble maker and Lola's proveing to be even worse. Halfie always drove me crazy with all the games she played and Lola's starting the same games. Today at only 14 weeks old she escaped from the back yard into the front (both are separately fenced) Halfie used to do exactly the same thing at a young age. 
The point is listen to your own heart. Spider was a part of that heart and is still directing it. Trust what it tells you.
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