I've made a couple of posts already, and I've found just having somewhere to air my thoughts where others can empathize/sympathize has been helpful, so I thought I'd make one last post about my darling Starling.

She had to be put down very suddenly this past week. 11:47 pm was her official time of passing on Wednesday night. For the first 2-3 days I could not sleep or eat. I finally went to my mother's, to be away from home (where I saw her everywhere) just for 36 hours or so. Although my sleep wasn't much improved, I did finally start to eat today.

When I returned home tonight, I knew it was time to "clear the space" and let her go. I'm pagan/spiritual, so for as long as I've had an altar, I've also had a little carved stone kitty on it, that looks like her. I picked it especially for her, and let her assess it. She gave it the stamp of approval nearly 3 years ago, and it's been there ever since.

Given that, tonight I pulled out my altar again, after I'd put away all her things. I put clear crystals around her (symbolizing light), rose quartz in front of her (symbolizing love), and amethyst behind her (symbolizing healing). I then placed obsidian into the mix for protection (as I believe when you pass on to the other world, it is a journey). I then lit her favourite incense, and said everything I last wanted to say to her, but was unable to at the vet. 

Everything still hurts, but that final ritual of grieving has really helped. Once the incense clears the room, her altar self will also be placed in a box with her other belongings, and kept in safe keeping.

I hope that in sharing this, it helps someone else.
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