I still can't believe how quickly her life was over.  Last Sunday, I took Chloe to the ER vet because she couldn't close her lower jaw, she wasn't eating or drinking, she was drooling, and her tongue was hanging out.  She stayed overnight, we got some meds, and she seemed to be doing better the next day.  I was told her condition would take weeks to totally resolve, but that it WOULD resolve.  (She's always been healthy.) On Thursday, I took her to my vet because she was straining to go to the bathroom, but the day before there was stool all over her butt. We got a prescription, and again, I thought she was on the mend. By Friday morning, she couldn't walk, and her face was paralyzed. She went to a neurologist, who ran a bunch of tests and kept her overnight.  He had a few working diagnoses, and had already ruled out a number of illnesses/ diseases. Two of the tests had to be sent out. At a little after 4 a.m. yesterday, I got a call that she was dead.  Even as I write this, it's still hard to believe.  Although I know this couldn't be helped, I hate that she died alone.  

I know she got good care.  I think all of us were just one step behind whatever this awful thing was that took my precious girl. (And it might have been more than one thing.) She was only 7, and would have been 8 in August.  

I've cried so much, and I still have a lot of tears left.  I'm absolutely numb. I spent yesterday focusing on happy memories, going through my (many) photos of her, and remembering how kind, gentle and funny she was.  Today, I had to go out for groceries, and among other things, bought "Frosty Paws" ice cream for her two furbrothers and fursister.  We usually only get it when one of them has a birthday, but I know they're missing her too.  

I've been through the loss of pets before, and I know I have to go through all these feelings of loss and heartache.  I know it will get better, but that for me it never truly goes away. I'm sorry this is so long.  Thanks for listening...

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Hang in there. I just lost my girl early and unexpectedly. Take comfort in the quality of life she had and the good times you shared. Continue to be the companion for your others that you had been for all three.
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What a beautiful baby. Hugs to you and sorry for your loss
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Hi MomofChloe,

What a beautiful little model! So picturesque.

I’m so sorry for your loss of Chloe. I know those words don’t seem much right now and you’ve probably been hearing it a lot but please know we feel the pain you’re experiencing as we’re going through it ourselves. The emptiness, shattered heart, the endless tears. It all hurts so much. Please know we’re here for you. This is why we come here. To be with others who know how we feel, to tell stories of our beloved fur babies or like I have been doing a lot, writing letters to my sweet ginger kitty, Bubby who crossed to the Rainbow Bridge on the 13th. Like Chloe, Bubby was young. He would have been 10 at the end of July. His one good kidney just couldn’t keep up with his young, full of love and life heart.

Bubby and his sister are the first pets I have had myself and it’s completely ripped apart my heart that he’s no longer here physically. I know in my heart he’ll be with me, always.

I hope you find comfort here as I have.


Bubby's (Milo) Mommy - Always & Forever My Little Man 💜

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