We took in a stray cat who fit into our family instantly. We got so close to her. She would go in and outside throughout the day. Well 2 days ago, we were loading up the car (we have a toddler) to run errands. Well like usual we hit the garage button as we drove off. Well our house we rent  is older....We came back home to find her curled up under the garage door. At some point she must have tried to bolt under the door and under the sensors...and it closed on her ribs. I’m still so distraught bc I’m feeling like I neglected her and failed her. She was so sweet and I can’t seem to stop imagining her laying there crying out. It’s killing me with guilt. I can’t eat I’m so upset and sick over it.....I’m so sorry squeaky 😭
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I’m so sorry for your loss! Please don’t beat yourself up.  You took great care of her and never meant to hurt her.  My beautiful dog Pecan passed away unexpectedly 11 weeks ago and I still blame myself for that.  Even though I have no proof that anything I did caused it. She was only 9 and was my soulmate.  Guilt is a dark and unnecessary emotion.  Please try not to have it..be kind to yourself.  We are all here for you.  Sending you love and light💖🙏🏼
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