Hi there, 

After 13 years I had to put my blue staffie to sleep Tuesday 30th June. And the pain and sadness we are feeling is immense. He was the first dog we had rescuing him from a friend who could take care of him at 5 months old. My heart is torn, he was such a loving dog and we miss him so much. But I know deep down we did the right thing. He was diagnosed with anemia and just started to loose weight, not eating, and just looked so so unhappy. He couldn't walk great and did not even want to go outside. I am absolutely devastated. Waking up and not having him here waiting for me with his bright eyes and little face is painful. Came across this website and just need to get these feelings out, and just know that it will be ok and he is at peace. 

I will get another dog to love but just not yet. think I need to just let his departure settle in and accept it. But my word, did not think it would feel like this. My boy, I will miss you and always love you, never forgotten. 

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Hi Carlos, 

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's a deep grief when you have to say a final goodbye to a best friend and long time fur-partner. In my honest opinion, it is one of the greatest pains we can feel. I too said goodbye to my boy this month, June 5th, he was 13 yrs as well and I'd had him by my side since he was 8 weeks old. The longest we ever spent apart was 9 days when I took a one time vacation - I had a family member stay at my place with him and I checked in daily - he was the love of my life. Tomorrow will be one month since our last day together - it's surreal. Had a few good cry sessions today - it will come in waves. I understand your heartbreak and am so very sorry. xx

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Dear Carlos, so very sorry for the loss of your boy.  He sounds like an amazing loving pup and it's absolutely devastating when we lose them. I 100% understand waking up and not seeing his bright eyes and little face - I actually welled up at this because it's how I feel every morning without my boy.  We have to do what's right by and for them, but it's painful to be without them. Sending hugs and comfort your way.  XOXO
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Thanks for your kind responses. 

@grievingmama, so sorry for your loss and totally get you with the greatest pain I have had to deal with. From being with him daily to not having him at all. We would take him with us everywhere, bbqs, family events as he was so good with the children and loved by so many. Many did pop round on the morning to say their goodbyes. So sad. Hope you feel better as best you can. 

Thanks P_Mom, hugs accepted :-). I know it was the right thing but have that guilt if there was something else could have been done. But honestly I know there wasn't. It was time. 

I am glad there is somewhere to out down what you feel. 

Thanks again and take care. 

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Sorry for your loss. I lost my girl of 14 years 7 months ago. It is painful especially in the beginning. You have support here and i can tell by the number of years your dog lived he was loved.
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