It all started on January 17th of this month. My moms (I love at home from health issues) Persian of 11 years passed away in his sleep. Then on January 22nd we made the hard decision to euthanize our Sheltie of 13 years because she had a growth on her stomach and vet Dr stated she had a heart problem and there was nothing else she could do. We got home from the vets office only to find another cat was killed (hit a run). As if that all wasn't enough my moms Norwiegin Forest cat was in distress the very next day. We are now on January 23rd so we rushed him to the vet. There we were told it would cost approx $560 to clear his urinary crystals and blockage the doctor then went on to belittle my mom right there in the office about her bill from the others saying she needs paid for them before she would work on Casper. The doctor did this in front of everyone. Then she said my mom would have to pay for Casper when she picked him up in 2 days. She told my mom it would be cheaper and easier to put him down. My mom said no she wanted him fixed up and she would pay when he was picked up. The vet said she had never lost a cat doing this procedure (Cathing and unclogging). The vet called about two hours later stating Casper died on the operating table so she doesn't need to stress over the money.
To me (Everyone has their opinion) I feel she purposly put Casper down because she was afraid she wouldn't get paid. The next morning I called to pick up his body as I planned to get it checked by another vet and wouldn't you know It they picked up his body for cremation already. Whatever...
Don't know what to think or feel
Too much too quick. :(
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That's horrible, and I am beyond appalled at the vet's behavior which is inexcusable.  I have heard horror stories from friends about vets that I wouldn't want treating the pets of my worst enemy, and yours just got added to the list - ESPECIALLY with the way they handled Casper's situation.

Just know that you are not alone with your grief and that no one, but NO ONE, deserves to have their pet treated so cavalierly by any vet - in fact I would have taken Casper to a second vet the minute the first vet berated your mother for not paying RIGHT AWAY.

Love, hugs and prayers to you and your family for all the losses they've had to deal with in the past week.
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