So the last 4 weeks we have been taking our cat chitty to the vet, it was like he was fine one day then not the next he couldn't jump up on the counter anymore we immediately thought with him being 15 it was his joints , he got treated for inflammation with metacalm to go back to the vets a week later for a check up but he started to go off his food we put this down to the medicine but when his weight was checked he had went from 4.1kg down to 3.8kg so full blood works were completed and he got confirmed with hyperthyroidism and started him on medicine straight away and appetite stimulation
He continued to go back and forth over the next few weeks checking bloods but his weight kept dropping bloods kept coming back as ok for thyroid , kidney , anemia etc so we arranged for a specialist to come out and do an ultrasound and as soon as we heard the results me and my husband knew it was not good news our poor baby has a growth in his bowel and had spread into his liver and stomach and his lungs were full of fluid options were steroids which could have kept him going for a few weeks , chemotherapy which there was a slim chance of making an improvement or to put him to sleep. He was our first pet together when we met 15 years ago and we wanted to do what was best for chitty so we made the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep and end his suffering. We both feel at peace as we said from the beginning if he was suffering and we couldn't make him better it was the best option for him.

Now I have things playing on my mind like could he have had this for a long time and we didn't notice any symptoms and that he suffered for months and months , but even thinking back over this year he has been happy and social with us like he always was , playing with toys coming to bed at night and cuddling in up until the day he wasn't himself
Has anyone else had experience with this can a cat just suddenly get cancer like this as we had chitty at the vets only 3 weeks before all this happened for his 6 monthly check up and he got a clean bill of health.

We also have another cat we rescued when she was 3 as a friend for chitty and I don't know if she's ok after the loss of her buddy , she has been eating ok as normal maybe looking for more attention but I think she sometimes looks sad or as if she's looking for chitty , we haven't moved any of beds as yet as we didn't want to distress our other cat by even more change , keeping her in routine with feeding and play she's 18 years old I'm just a little worried she might get lonely or sick because she misses chitty so much not sure if a visit to the vet would help put my mind at ease but don't want to stress her out either

I am so sorry for the long post just miss my boy so much

R.I.P Chitty Cat (Aug 2002 - July 2017)
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I'm sorry for your loss of Chitty. Animals have a way of hiding their pain and suffering so we don't often see things until they become much worse and they can no longer keep up.
My 14 year old dog had a physical in April. All appeared good. Then he fell in May and started a snoball effect. He fell May 3 and we put him down May 20. In hindsight now, I look back and see some suttle behavior changes that were never prolonged and probably were signs of something more involved. I had brought a couple of these things up to my vet during his physical but we couldn't put anything together at the time.
Try not to blame yourself. I think it's just their nature to try and take care of their ailments by sleeping and making adjustments.
Your surviving baby will grieve. I learned that on this forum. There are many articles on how to help them with this process.

Take care of yourselves
Guilt is part of all this grief. But try and focus on the love you gave and the life you shared. Your baby is at peace now.
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What a beautiful boy! He looks a lot like my sweet girl Raven who passed just before Easter. Like you I didn't really notice anything wrong with her until Nov of last year except maybe she was sleeping a bit more but I chalked that up to her age. When she started losing weight I took her in to the vet and got the news that she had renal failure and a tumor on her liver. The renal failure probably could have been dealt with but I think the other stuff complicated things. Just before Easter this year she took a turn for the worse and I made the horrible choice to let her go. I'm still riddled with guilt thinking I should've waited for a miracle but I couldn't let my wonderful friend hurt anymore.
Animals don't always let us know what's going on until it's too late. As long as your precious boy was happy and affectionate that's what matters most. Don't go beating yourselves up over the mights and the maybes (I know I still do) and instead concentrate on the smiles he gave and the laughter he brought you. And bless you for taking a black cat. So many of them don't get adopted because people are...well...weird, to put it nicely. He's watching over you right now and thanking you for the love and happiness you gave him. I bet he's friends with Raven now too. She was 15 as well but I bet they're young cats again at the Bridge. Just know that you gave Chitty so much more than he might have had otherwise.
Blessings from Marie and the crew 🐱🐊🐌
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