I’m honestly not really sure where I’m here except that I don’t know where else to turn. This morning I had to put my sweet cat Omi to sleep and the situation is so unfair I’m just devastated. Around this time last year I moved to Thailand to teach English, I was staying in an apartment that didn’t allow cats but since I’ve always had pets I wanted to adopt a kitty. I planned to stay in Thailand two years and move into a pet friendly apartment ASAP. While I was waiting to move I contacted a pet rescue in Thailand to talk about adopting a cat in the future. This is how I first met Omi...really it was via video, but I was in love. For the next few months I visited her a few times (the rescue was a few hours a way via bus), sent her toys and treats, paid for vaccinations, got tons of pictures and videos of her....I even Skyped with her and a volunteer a few times. My Thai students helped me pick out her name. Unfortunately, a few weeks before I was scheduled to move to my new place and go get Omi, tragedy struck my family back in the US. I was horribly upset and disappointed that I couldn’t continue living in Thailand, but my family needed me to come back. I had made a commitment to Omi though and I couldn’t leave her behind, so the rescue helped me figure out how to transport her to the US with me. I already loved her and I’d promised her a forever home.

The trouble started when a man from the rescue brought her to me at the airport in Bangkok. She was skinnier than the times I’d visited her in the shelter and she had horrible halitosis. I asked him about it and he just brushed me off saying she was probably stressed. I was so panicked about my family situation and happy to have her, I didn’t ask questions. I brought Omi to my parent’s house on May 15th and she died this morning after steadily declining from the day she came home. The rescue failed to make me aware of multiple health issues she had. In order to get her on the plane, she had to have a complete health work up, which the rescue just filled with lies. Omi was missing one of her back legs due to a dog attack, and this is all they mentioned on the health report. What they didn’t tell me is that they were masking a degenerative disease with constant antibiotics. When they brought her to the airport to meet me, they didn’t give me antibiotics or even mention there was a problem. This is a very reputable rescue organization in Thailand, they’re backed by people all over the world and they’ve won many international philanthropic awards. A few weeks ago I finally convinced someone from the rescue to give me her full health work up from the time the rescue took her in which indicated numerous health problems I was never made aware of. When I visited her at the shelter and Skyped with her, she seemed a little sleepy, but happy and talkative and just so sweet. My vet looked at the health report and said Omi didn’t have a good chance of survival, I was crushed and stood in the vets office holding her and sobbing. I tried to save her anyway, but failed. I fed her off of a spoon, carried her to the litter box, fed her vitamin paste, kept her wrapped up in warm blankets, but I lost her anyways.

She was in such pain. She had huge ulcers in her mouth, her nose was so clogged she couldn’t breathe and she lost bladder control. But she was still so sweet, even this morning she talked and purred as I was telling her goodbye. I’ve been crying for hours. I’m just so sad for my poor sweet baby and angry at the rescue organization. Omi fought for so long and survived a year on the streets in Thailand, loosing her leg; and almost twenty hours of flying and she barely got to enjoy her family at all. She deserved so much better, she deserved a long life and I’m just so hurt I couldn’t give that to her. I’m furious at the rescue organization, I’ve sent them a few emails after my vet read the full health report and they don’t ever respond. Why would they lie to me? Omi wasn’t fit to be adopted out nor travel the way she did, why would they introduce me to her knowing she was suffering from a degenerative disease? Why would they put her through traveling and being uprooted if they knew she was so ill. I loved her so very much and I’m thankful for my time with her, but I feel guilty for dragging her across the ocean. Maybe if the rescue would have been more transparent with me, I could have kept her on medicine to at least make her comfortable or possibly prolongue her life. I just can’t understand. She deserved so much better. She was sort of this special little light in the horrible storm my family is caught up in, now that light is gone. My parents are just as devastated as me. I feel guilty for causing them more hurt, especially when they’re already going through so much. I feel lost and betrayed. Everything reminds me of her. This is the first time I’ve lost an animal that was just my baby and not a family pet. Omi was only three years old and had so much more life to live. We had tons of memories to make. She never got to have Christmas with us or see snow. I only have a few pictures of her. I kept telling myself I didn’t want to take pictures of her when she was sick, but she was always sick. She was still such a snuggler and so easy going. She never got to enjoy her home or her family or her sister (my dog).

I grew up around pets I adored, so I’m used to saying goodbye to beloved animals. But again, this is my first time saying goodbye to one who was quite young and who died in part due to somebody else’s incompetence. I just don’t think she was ready to go, spiritually I mean. Physically, her body was shutting down. She was still alert and talkative, but she could barely stand, her mouth oozed puss, she couldn’t control her bladder and she couldn’t eat. I was just so sure she would fight through. My heart is just shattered and I miss her so much. I didn’t sleep last night, I just sat up with her and I still can’t sleep. I’m sorry to everyone on here that’s hurting, I appreciate having a place to vent. Love to you all.
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I am sorry this happened to you. None of this is your fault. You were trying to adopt a rescue cat and the rescue screwed up. They are responsible to inform their adopters about any and all health issuses that they KNOW about.  They obviously knew of her chronic problems and did not disclose them. You were trying to do the right thing and if the cat was healthy, none of this would have happened. I cant believe the cat was able to get a health certificate for travel. The vet in Thialand must have lied on the form.   I am glad you brought her to the US and gave her love and a humane ending. She would probably have died, alone in a cage if you had not come into her life. You did a good thing. She is at peace. 
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Kaitlin I’m so sorry you’re going through this and I’m sorry for what that sweet baby went through. Neither of you deserved this it’s tragic. I’m really shocked at how it was all handled, heartbreaking. That little light is still shining, you formed an unbreakable bond even though it was such a short time it’s because of you she had compassion and love in her life. You were her angel and Omni is your sweet angel now,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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