I lost my 8 year old cat Pansy 6 days ago. I feel guilty for the fact im not sad anymore and its only been 6 days. I still miss her but I never cried after the first night (I cried alot in the 2 weeks between cancer diagnosis and euthanasisa) it just feels wrong I guess. I lost my Labrador retriever 2 years ago to hemangiosarcoma and it took me many months to stop crying. In both cases there was nothing left to do but let them go. I guess I just feel bad for not grieving longer for a kitty I loved so much.
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There's no prescribed "mourning period" for pets, people or anything else.  Just because you aren't crying doesn't mean you aren't sad or that you don't miss her deeply.

You also had some time to get used to the idea of her passing for those two weeks, so the actual event itself wasn't so shocking.  The day you lost her REALLY was the day you knew you had to put her to sleep, so if it helps, try to think of yourself as nearly three weeks into the grieving process now.

But everyone heals at a different pace.  It is not a measure of your love for your cat.

Rachel (Cuddles's mommy)
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oh so sorry.
I had a 12 yr old kitty that developed either IBD or probably intestinal cancer, and suffered for years (not by my choice, stupid vets). Once it was time it was more of a relief for everyone.  I was a mess the first day, and had her brother to tend to, so I don't remember much more grieving after that.  Watch out though, it may come over you one day when you least expect it, we are always here.
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