Hi thank you to everyone thats brought me comfort its helped so very much
I lost my macky moo 12 nights ago and I do feel little better in terms of not crying much and thst heart ripped out feeling is gone , i miss him very much I don't feel complete anymore without him.
The thing is I gave up work and study to look after him full time as he needed help going to the toilet and I didn't feel right leaving him got 9 plus hours a day alone.
So for 2 years it was all about macky i put him over friends and even family , it was a loyalty thing eith me as he was my first pet and he was so loyal to me .
Now that he's gone I feel lost i have no idea what I should be doing i feel stuck , i have no friends and my family are busy so i wake up every morning and think what an earth do i do today .
I suffer from anxiety so it's hard for me to have the confidence to do things and honestly at the moment I just feel so lost I don't know how to put one foot in front of the other .
Macky gave me a routine and a sense of purpose that at the time I didn't realise was that big of a deal but now my boys gone Wow i feel completly alone and I have no clue were to start .
Sorry for my rant i honestly have no one to talk to with put feeling silly .
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I've read that looking after your sick pet creates an even greater bond. You were very unselfish in your love for Macky but now it's hard for you to know what to do. Are there any animal shelters close by? Volunteering at one may make you feel better and you may meet some nice people who are also animal lovers.
Your picture of Macky is lovely! He was a very handsome boy. I'm so sorry for your loss and pain - I hope you keep posting here.
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Thanks nosunshine
Your words are really nice and yes macky is very handsome i told him all the time and he knew it eith his looks he gave
I guess I need to adjust its still raw it will be 2 full weeks this Thursday , cant believe ive not touched or kissed him in so long .
I do feel it's very hard as i cared for him in the last 2 years and full.on the last 6 to 9 months , i dont regret caring for macky I feel blessed i could do that for him as he always had my back throughout the 15 and half years .
I need to step back and start to sort though what ill do now , its just so hard right now to think about a future without my special boy everything just feels frozen like I can't go back or forward .
Thank you for reading my post and replying

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