In March I came home and our one cat Romeo who was only 3 years old was just lying around not really moving when we picked him up he just went limp in our arms. We took him to the vet then the whole world changed. Originally on the phone they told us they thought it was a blockage when we got there they realized there was fluid in his lungs and possible leg clot. He got put on a ventilator and was being given oxygen. He had to spend the night. Due to all the COVID crap going on we barely even got to say good night to him they brought him out in his carrier and that was it. At 6 the next morning we got a call that His heart stopped and they were giving him CPR and we had to make the call to let him go. I still feel guilty like we should have let them keep trying. They did tell us it didnt look good as his lungs were already full again. I just partly feel guilty that we could have done more and we never really got to say a proper goodbye. We miss him sooo much.
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I can tell by the way you write about Romeo that you gave him a life filled with love and care. You did what was right and kept him from suffering. I get the guilt, though. It doesn't make complete sense to some people, but I still feel like I could've given my cat, Angel, a better goodbye. 

A friend reframed it for me by saying that I was my cat's whole world. You were Romeo's whole world and you filled it with so much joy. It's hard, but I'm slowly starting to focus on the happy memories I have with Angel.
Angel's Mom Gina
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Dear NFox575,

I am very sorry to read of your loss of your beloved cat "Romeo." What a wonderful name for a cat!

When my own boy became ill I did an incredible amount of research to try and help him. I read medical essays and reports, blogs, websites, message boards, news articles and many comments etc. It sounds like Romeo experienced a "Saddle Thrombus" blood clot, which is one of the most feared conditions a cat can experience. Had you not made that call when you did? your boy may have experienced a very, very painful and much more tragic death. I will spare you the details. But what you provided your boy with was a peaceful passing instead of the above and he saved you by not becoming much, much worse while he was at home.

It is hard to believe but the average life span of a cat is only 2 to 5 years in the wild or out on the street. They are only biologically designed to live for that amount of time. We humans can extend their life span 2 to 4 x over. But not always. Many pass in their first 2 to 5 years. There is evidence all posted over this message board.

You said the best goodbye that you could. You had him receive state of the art medical treatment to try and save him overnight. You did everything that you could to try and help him.

I am grateful that your paths crossed with your Romeo's when they did and that for his lifetime, he knew such great love, care, compassion and had a real home. And a family that he loved and adored in kind. All cats should be so blessed.

Kind regards and my sincerest condolences,
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I also could not be with Monty my precious boy because of Covid-19 as you do feel  you are robbed of the most important time...and I had terrible guilt...but I now focus on the loving and funny times we had with him...because what happened was not my fault and was not your fault...he knew he was loved and you loved him.

Keep posting and you will get through this,

Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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You did everything you could. I don't believe they truly try their hardest to save a life. They give some effort but if you would have told them to keep trying perhaps it was a way for them to pad the fee in your time of need and it would have not worked.
I lost my boy Toby (Pitbull Terrier) almost 3 months ago of cancer and the vets at hospital kept telling me he would surely die in a couple of days if I didn't leave him there two weeks.  I declined and took him home every time.  I heard of too many cases where the pet "dies overnight". He lived almost three more months and died at home with us. They also kept wanting to put him down and collect the final $500 plus $200 for the vase(They offered their services to me six times over the three months, It was sickening). Every time he was supposedly critical. It was not true. I told them every time it was against my religion. I can tell they were bothered by that. So I'm sorry for the rant but the point is they were not going to save "Romeo" even if you had gave them permission to continue. He was past saving at that point. Don't feel bad.
Unfortunately I will probably not get a pet again because of the crocodile tears these places shed all while they hold their hand out. (The euthanization is the biggest racket out there) Too bad because pets need saving :(
* My main vet was awesome, it was the hospitals and specialists that rubbed me wrong.

*One visit they told me his stomach had turned and would die that night. They could operate on him immediately for 8k or euthanize for a fee of $500. See a pattern here? I declined both and took him home. The vet even tried to give me the guilt trip of how I can let him suffer like that even though I told her about my religion. I called her bluff and she knew it. He didn't die that night and x rays the next morning at my main vet showed his stomach was fine. He was happily eating and taking in our love like normal.

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