So it has been a few years since I lost my rabbit Fluffy who I think is the love of my life, I have wanted to open my heart to another animal for some time. I couldn't have another rabbit because she was my one an only, so about a week ago I got a puppy and I do love him even though dealing with a puppy has been pretty exhausting. I already am feeling over protective of him especially when it comes to his health because with Fluffy and the end I couldn't do anything else for her and had to let her go which killed me, so I am cautious but don't particularly like having him go the vet. This coming Monday he is going to be getting beauty red and I am freaking out already scared that bad things will happen. But tonight he was sleepy and laying on me and I was kissing his face and it hit me that that's what I used to do with Fluffy and I felt a terrible sense if guilt like I had moved on and forgotten her. I definately haven't she stole my heart and took alot of it with her when she left but he has got a pice of my heart and it feels good. How did you deal with openin your heart to another pet after your loss?
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My answer has always been that the heart just gets bigger. Fluffy will always live in your heart, but there IS room for the puppy. After Jamie passed, I adopted two sister kitties. I've never forgotten Jamie and will always love her, but that does not make me love Abby and Casey any less. If anything, it has helped me to appreciate each moment I have with them. Fluffy would never hold it against you.

Best of luck with the little one.

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My dog recently died and I to feel the same way.  I of course hope to have a dog again because I don't know how to go about my day with out revolving it around pets its what I am so use to!  But like yourself I feel so guilty for even wishing I had another dog because my first was so truly amazing and my best friend it feels like a betrayal to her really! I read somewhere the best way to honor your pets memory is by opening up your home to another.  For some this is easy for some not so much.  The most important thing about owning any pet bunny or dog is to find a vet you 100% trust.  Developing that bond with your pets Dr. is crucial. I never would have been able to put my dog to sleep if my own vet hadn't talked me through it and explained what her life would be like if I kept going (she was badly injured and I knew she had no chance of walking again) My best advice meet a few vets, take tours of their facilities get recommendations and go with the one that best fits you if you haven't already done so.  Next what I am also learning is no one else can ever replace a lost pet.  They were their own unique being they are like a finger print they can never be duplicated they are special.  I think its just important to remember the good times know you made your pet just as happy as they made you.  Know that they are still waiting to see you again when the time is right and all they want is for us to be happy just like we want them to be happy.  I often think of my dog up where ever she is at playing with another family.  I hope when the time is right she sees us with another dog.  
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I got Billy a year after our first family dog passed. But, though I loved Pounds, Billy has always been special to me for various reasons. He was with me at a time I was more mature and he was with me when I became an adult with a job and children.
We actually had another westie stay with us for a few days, just a week ago. He has a very sad story and lost his family of 9 years through no fault of his. He was lovely but I knew it was too soon for me to open my heart again, I cried when walking him as I felt guilty that Billy wasn't there too. But billy has only been gone for 2 months, and for me I haven't healed yet.
Everyone is different and some adopt sooner. The heart is capable of loving again and it doesn't mean you don't love or miss fluffy any more by caring for another.
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