It's been 5weeks since I lost my Nelly. I'm still heartbroken and cry every day. My family lives about 3 hours away from me and want me to come home, they expect me to "Get Strong!" "Snap out of it!" It's easier said than done. I don't have kids, and I'm home on disability alone. Not many distractions or other support to keep my mind off of Nelly's passing and how much I miss his company. My mom said that maybe I should go see a doctor? They just don't understand my sorrow and greif. From what I see on this forum, lots of people feel the same as me over the loss of their fur babies.
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Hi NelsonsMom,  firstly I am so sorry for your loss of Nelly - and of course you are still heartbroken, as you have lost your beautiful boy.   Unfortunately I had the same reaction when I lost my little dog almost 2 and a half years ago - after the initial sympathy it was more or less expected that everything was ok and back to normal.    Jim had been with us for over 17 years,  we never had children so he was very much like our baby - losing him was probably the worse thing I have ever experienced, yet I know to a lot of friends and family he was "just a dog"....      Unfortunately, it does seem to happen to a lot of us here - people just don`t understand the close bonds we have with our little 4 legged friends, which is why this forum is so wonderful - here everyone just "gets it".     Maybe if you told your mum that you have joined this forum it will help reassure her that you are slowly working your way through the grief, but that it does take time as everyone grieves differently and to a different timescale?    

  You will get to a better place as the grief slowly subsides, but it has to be at your pace... and once again, I am so sorry.

                                                                                     Hugs to you,     Jackie. 
J Taylor
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I was told to "snap out of it too"  It's not something you just snap out of.  I lived with my boy for 11.8 years, just me and him.  He was everything to me.  This is the only place that people understand.  
Boo' s mommy
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Dear Tracy,
I am so, so sorry for the loss of your adorable Nelson, such sweet photos of your handsome boy, he is absolutely adorable, what a sweet, sweet face on your sweet boy.
Tracy, the sudden disruption of the daily routine you had with Nelson is the hardest adjustment to make. The emptiness left behind is so overwhelming, our minds don't know how to adjust that quickly, making it extra hard on our already shattered hearts. Baby steps is the best that we can do during this most difficult time, it has only been five weeks for you, your pain is so new and so raw still, it takes time Tracy, grieving has no time limit, so there is no need to push or rush yourself.
Always know that your precious Nelson walks with you on this difficult journey, his love is always surrounding you, so be sure to talk to your sweet boy, let him know how much you love him, that the love you have for him has even grown.....isn't it so beautiful how our love for our babies grows even stronger.....
Wishing such peace and healing to your heart, may you always know and feel the light and love that is your sweet, handsome Nelson.
Sincerely, Don and Vera

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Nelson’s Mom, I’m so sorry for your loss of little Nelly. It’s such a shock to us when our little best friends go to the Bridge, nothing can quickly heal our hearts which are never prepared for such an event. These babies are our constant companions, our children, and our closest confidants...never judging, always happy to be with us. Be kind to yourself and give it time. This forum is full of wonderful, caring people to share your feelings with. Those around us often don’t understand the deep love and commitment that we just don’t know how to deal with, nor do we want to change. Nelly is always with you, as you will see, watch for signs that he’s near. The loving bond continues to grow and strengthen, and you will hold him again. He’s happy, healthy and having such fun with all of our fur children.

Take care, and lots of hugs and warm wishes for peace and healing in your heart.

Molly’s Mom...Dawn
Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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Dearest Tracy - So very sorry to read about the loss of your beloved boy Nelson (Nelly). He is a handsome boy. I never had children so Brutus was my little boy--he was the center of my life. Brutus has been gone a little over 11 weeks and I still feel broken and lost. Being on this site has helped tremendously because as the others have stated, on this site everyone knows exactly how you are feeling because they are in the same place, some longer than others. Grief is a horror roller coaster ride but a necessary one in the process of healing. It will take as long as it takes and in the meantime, you will find peace and comfort with the amazing people on this site, willing to rise above their own pain and suffering to offer kindness, comfort, and a sense of belonging to an extraordinary community. I wish you warm hugs and blessings of comfort.
Denise (Brutus' Mom)
Brutus von Dolce
06/19/2006 - 03/16/2018
RIP my sweet beautiful boy
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Thank you for all your support and kind words. This forum community is such a wonderful place. You are all angles on Earth, helping other people through their sorrow while going through it yourselves. Amazing, kind, caring people ❤. You've helped me more than my own family, I will always be grateful, xo
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Nelson's Mom,
I am so so sorry for your loss of your cutie Nelson.  My goodness what a face!  Full of love but also character!  I bet he just knew how to find fun within each day!  And, his ball is bigger than he is! - determination to conquer that 'pesky' plaything!

Grief takes its own time - and there is no 'snapping out of it' - in fact, the grief and sorrow might last forever - and if so then it does.  Time might soften the ache, from sharp to a duller one but still the pain and sorrow is there.  Nelson's life matters - he changed your life and brought you joy, security and unconditional love asking for little in return...He made your life fuller and richer - and he matters!  Often the strongest are those who are not ashamed to shed those tears, feel the pain and know what was had.  The strongest are not afraid to voice sorrow and grief - the strong do not hide from what is hurt and loneliness.   Your loss is so recent, and your journey of grief is beginning...Your sweet Nelson was your faithful companion and will always be...He walks nearby to his special Mom and will not forsake her.  The bond you have is forever, changes in form and space cannot impact is a bond between hearts and souls - uniquely yours and Nelson's...Day by day now Tracy, just day by day...take your time and listen for your boy's presence...feel his paws wrap themselves about your heart and feel the warmth of his love.  Lean on the understanding, kind people here on the forum -do not walk this path alone.  Take care.

"Grief never ends, but it may change.  It is a passage and for much time a place to stay.  Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith.  It is the price of love."  [unknown author]


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I am so sorry for your loss. I am also sorry for the lack of support. I am very lucky - my friends and family get it. They were so supportive when Sylvester passed. They understood he was like my baby and that it was a significant loss. No one gets to tell you when you should be over something. You will be over it when you are over it. Period. Not that you ever really "get over it" but, there will come a day when you don't cry as many times, then a day when you don't cry at all...then a few days. I don't think it gets easier as much as the pain just gets less intense and we get used to it.  I lost Sylvester last year in February and I still grieve for him. I was depressed for over a year due to his death. So, it is all very personal as to how long the grief lasts. You just need to let your family know that while it may have been "just a dog" top them, he was so so much to you and so, it will take time. 
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Dear NelsonsMom,

I’m deeply sorry you’re going through this hearbreak of losing your precious Nelly. My heart aches for you. I lost my baby Teddy Sunday May 6,2018 to Heart Failure. He passed on his own. Everyday is painful. I felt for you when you said your mom told you to see a doctor. You don’t need to see a doctor. You’re greiving. Depression and greiving depression are two completely different depressions. Because I’m sure when you had your baby Nelly you were happy. Of course we all have our ups and downs. But I’m sure for the most part you were happy. But right now you dealing with the loss of your baby and the doctor can’t do anything to fix that. You can’t rush or speed up grief. Everyone grieves differently. There is no time line for grief. Don’t feel guilty for grieving. You baby Nelly is adorable. Again I’m so so sorry you’re enduring this painful nightmare. My heart breaks for you. Sending you hugs & love your way. You came to the right place to receive the support you need during this painful time. 💔💕 my family isn’t there for me either. So I understand how lonely and isolating it feels. 💔
If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

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