Good morning everyone, on Nov.20 2015. Our beloved Prince went take his journey. I can't thank you enough for 13 wonderful years. There are just not enough words to express my sincere gratitude. The day before you left I asked you to please go to rainbow bridge, I wanted you to do this when you were ready because if you didn't go by the next day I had to make the decision and I just didn't want to I wanted to be yours. You always have done what mama asked of you,thank you. I was there when you entered this world and I was there when you left.You were never a outside cat,so I could not put you in the ground ,so in about 7 days you will be returned to me. I can't stop crying I so miss you. I am going to wait for a sign from you to let me know you are OK. Say hi to your mommy and daddy from me.With all my love my friend.

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And I am sure Prince felt you too were faithful until the end.

So sorry for your loss but you are right we are all thankful for the privilege of having our babies in our lives.

I will keep you in prayer as I know the journey you now have without your baby.  Prince is free from pain, stress and all problems, for that you can be glad.

Marlene Wagner
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