I am new to this and I am not even sure if this is where I need to be talking about this, but I desperately need an outlet. I am a huge animal lover and I have always tried to do my best to help any animal in need. A little over a year ago I found a lost, abused, sick, half dead, pregnant pit bull on the side of the road. She was there in the freezing cold weather for 3 days and I finally just could not take it anymore. After several attempts, we were able to get her to trust us enough to take her home. I already 2 small dogs at home, a Jack Russell (Scooter) and a Dachshund (Chloe) so I was very cautious. We named the lost dog Jurnee and kept her in the garage. Took her to the vet, got her wounds healed, treated with antibiotics, dewormed, flea control, maternity care, you name it. Jurnee was able to have her pups in  clean and healthy environment and we rehomed all. After some time we were able to slowly introduce the small dogs to her and eventually they were all living together inside the home with no problem. Jurnee had her own room that she stayed in when we were not home because I just didn't trust her 100% to not hurt my little ones. Even though they played everyday and never had any issues.
Just this last Sunday Junree and Scooter, my 6 year old Jack Russell, were outside rolling around and playing in the mud. We recently had a lot of rain so our backyard was very messy.
They were filthy so I put them both in Jurnee's room to dry off and not track all of this mud through my house. I noticed Scooters little face as I was putting the gate up and he had this look of confusion like "why are you leaving me in here?". I had only left them together like this a couple of times, but only for a few minutes. My intent was to only leave them together for a few minutes this time as well. My daughter had friends over and they were hungry so I ordered them a pizza. I left to get the pizza and forgot to let Scooter out of the room. My daughter and her friends went outside right behind me to play. I was gone 15 minutes and came home to a massacre. My little Dachshund was barking loudly at the gate and I saw Scooter covered in blood on the floor with Jurnee standing over him. I immediately picked him up, yelled at the kids to get in the car and we drove to the ER vet that was literally right down the street. They were able to stabilize Scooter and we went through 3 days of emergency care and interventions and wound care. The Dr.'s were never able to keep Scooter's blood pressure up without medication. His skin became nacrotic, and he ended developing an infection and becoming septic and going into renal failure and we lost him yesterday.
Jurnee was removed from my home yesterday and put in a "doggy day care" of sorts until a decision is made for her. Up until this point, she was the sweetest and loving dog. We never had any issues with her whatsoever.
I am struggling with a ton of guilt because this could have been prevented had I not left him in that room with her. Now because of my actions, 2 dogs are gone. My poor little boy had to suffer a horrifying attack and ended up losing his life. I am just absolutely devastated and trying to deal with the loss, the guilt, the anger, the sadness as well as my daughter.
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Jessica, I am so sorry for the loss of not only your Scooter, but Jurnee also,  That has to be so devastating to lose not just one of your babies, but two.  I know how easy it would be for your to beat yourself up over this, but it was  just an unfortunate accident.  You had Jurnee for over a year and she had never attacked, you couldn't have possibly known that she ever would.  This could happen to anyone owning multiple dogs that have gotten along for years and suddenly one just attacks for some unknown reason. I hope you will be kind to yourself and know that you would not have done anything to intentionally harm any of your animals.  My thoughts are with you.
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I am so very very sorry about this tragedy.

Her jaws are so strong she maybe didn't even mean the harm she caused, but just didn't know her own strength when there was a tussle....

My heart goes out to you and dear Scooter's lovely Soul.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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