In 7 minutes it will be exactly 1 week since my little girl left me. I have things I need to do, I need to do some shopping, clean house, go about the business of life. I don't want to move. I just want her back.
Sue Martin
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So sorry for you loss.  I remember all too well that first week, then the first month,  Now it's been almost a year and I've gotten through the first Fall, Summer and Christmas w/o my sweet Shadow.  On January 5th I will have been w/o him for a whole year.  I still miss him every day but find that I am now able to think of the happy times we shared and I believe with all my heart that he will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge some day.  In the first few weeks it helped me to make a little album of pictures of him and stories of all his funny antics. I still have a piece of his favorite afghan (I buried him with a piece of it also) and some nights I cuddle with it when I need to feel close to him.  He also has a beautiful garden in our back yard where his grave is and I decorated it for Christmas with little solar lights an red and silver stars.  It brings me comfort to look out there before I go to bed and say goodnight to my Sweetie Boy.  I wish I could spare you this first gut wrenching stage of grief but it's a journey we who love our babies so much have to walk through.   We are all here because we have been blessedShadow's Christmas Garden.jpg  to share that special bond with God's beautiful creatures who loved us so unconditionally.   Sending you hugs
Donna Nelson
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I am so sorry. Grief is paralyzing and its hard to care about chores when your life has changed forever. Take all the time you need. I put off laundry all week, I might have to muster up the will to throw a load in. I just want my baby back too. Hugs
Love is eternal....
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