Thank you to everyone who reached out to me to comfort and help me through this rough time. I've learned a lot and I feel better. I talked to my mom and we cried together. For a long time. We went to a shelter and that's where I found Ralphie. He is the same age that Scruffy was when I found him. He is a beautiful beagle. He is so loving. As soon as we got home he smelt Scruffys old toys and wanted to play with them. He sleeps with me every night. I think he sensed my hurt and whenever I am sad he put his face right up next to mine and licks my nose. He is such a good boy. The pain from the loss of Scruffy is still there but I know how to manage it. In a good way. In a healthy way. I am happier with my new fur baby. I was skeptical at first and wished it was Scruffy that was next to me but Ralphie has grown on me and I love him dearly.

For all of you that are hurting, it will get better.

I see Scruffy in little things and it is now comforting and not sad. :)
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Thanks, ScruffysSoulmate, for posting this positive update! How wonderful to know you are now able to give Ralphie a good home and that he has comforted you right back! I think you are right when you said he sensed your hurt and it's so nice that he put his face up to your face and licked your nose. Your darling Scruffy will always be with you even though you can't see him and he may have even given you a little nudge toward Ralphie I really do think. Hugs to you!
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I'm so glad things worked out well for you.
Ralphie is a lucky boy!!
Good luck to you❤️
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That's wonderful, I'm so happy for you, and for Ralphie!
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<3 I love stories of recovering from loss through the act of opening your heart to love again! <3
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