Boy you just don't ever know what will trigger emotion and tears due to the loss. We have no kids so our world revolved around our fur baby girl.  My reminder today came from nature....We lost our Scampi just 4 days ago (female mainecoon cat   17. 1/2 years old )  Her daily morning ritual was to lay in front of our floor to ceiling windows to catch warmth and sunshine. To day I saw the bright sun in family room while walking through and instincltively looked down on the carpet expecting to see her sprawled out looking back up at me and giving me a good morning verbal greet.  But today it wasn't to be....... the reality rushed back into my mind this morning hasn't been easy. 
Bill roberts
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So sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty. I just had to say goodbye to my sweet dog KC 5 days. She was 13 and 1/2. I'm retired so my wife is at work M-F. I'm home with another doggie and a kitty but that doesn't help my sadness or tears at this point. Just seems so eerily quiet w/o KC here. I keep expecting to see her or I sometimes forget she is gone now. She loved to lay in the sunshine as your kitty did. I did not envision life w/o her until 4-5 weeks ago but her mouth tumor seemed to come out of nowhere and grow so fast. Anyway I'll be thinking of you and your loss and hoping for some comfort for you in the coming days. I guess keeping busy will help us both . Need some nicer weather here in the Northeast . Take care  We have them in our hearts and minds and we will see them again in Heaven. I believe that.      Regards Tom Rhodes
Thomas H. Rhodes
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That's been happening to me, times of day, where the sun shines, is where I miss her. No easy way through it, that's a fact.

Bertie's Daddy
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