Hi all I have read some your your stories on here and I send my love to all of you who have had to deal this the loss of a pet. I'm suffering real guilt as I had my beautiful girl put to sleep after years of dealing with aggression towards other dogs. The final straw came when she attacked a dog by crocodile twisting off her lead and muzzle, she injured a puppy( someone beloved pet) . She was 7 years old and we had tried everything to keep things safe but things kept going wrong. I loved her with every heartbeat and she was my companion and friend. It's hard to make the call at the natural end of a pets life but I had to make this call and I'm struggling. I couldn't have a dog and not walk her she loved going out. But no matter what time or where I walked her we met other dogs off lead even though she was on lead. It's killing me I don't know how to pull through.
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hi Polly, so sorry about the loss of your girl, what was her name?  I know you mentioned you had her on a leash....did the other dogs try to start a fight with her when they were off leash?

I think talking about this helps....i do see that she attacked a pup though who was on a lead with muzzle.

You did try everything for her 7 years of life, and I am so sorry it had to end the way that it did.


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Thankyou my dog was on the lead with a muzzled. The other dog was loose but was not to blame. My got broke her muzzle off and attacked the puppy, I felt so bad x
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Dear Polly,
I am so sorry. Of course you love your girl, and she would have been so good with you, and probably most humans. This was a dog aggression thing. Some dogs have that in their natures and it is very difficult when we love them.

This whole thing must have torn you apart. I am so very sorry about what happened.

Please don't forget her Soul still loves you and she is okay where she is. In Spirit, they learn and understand their reason for coming here, and what lessons they needed to learn. It is all acceptable in Spirit. She will not blame you. Don't imagine that. What does stay strong in them is a loving bond, such as she always had with you -and still does. You must miss her terribly. Send her your love because she will sense it. Try to recall the special times you shared and your feeling of closeness because it still exists. Even now.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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I'm so sorry for your loss! You made a very tough call. My sister runs a dog rescue and we have had many discussions about "adoptable" dogs. At a certain point in their aggression, a dog isn't safe to have around other dogs or people. It is so heartbreaking when that happens. 

You did the right thing, but I know how difficult your choice must have been. You loved your dog. I'm very sorry you had to put her down.
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